If your scale is your worst enemy, it may be time to adopt a workable weight management strategy. A New Year is the perfect time to recommit oneself to health, wellness and shedding those extra pounds.

Experts say that fast results can help you stay motivated and see through your bigger weight loss goals.

“Early weight loss is a strong predictor of long-term weight loss,” says Dr. Anthony Fabricatore, Vice President of Research and Development at Nutrisystem. “Seeing immediate results can do wonders for self-efficacy.”

Here are some tips for losing those crucial first five pounds quickly, so you’ll be motivated to keep it up:

• Commit Yourself. Be mentally ready. Make a commitment to meet goals and eliminate temptations right from the start by getting rid of junk food in your pantry.

• Convenience Counts. Life can get in the way of dieting if convenient options aren’t readily available. Have healthful ready-to-go meals and snacks on hand, particularly during dangerous times of day when cravings kick in.

• Stop guessing: Individuals make more than 200 food and beverage decisions daily, according to researchers at a leading university. Eliminate guesswork by opting for portioned, prepared meals.

For example, the new Nutrisystem My Way program, features meals free of trans fat, partially hydrogenated oils, MSG, high fructose corn syrup, aspartame and saccharine which can be combined with fresh grocery choices like salad, fruit, smart proteins, low-fat yogurt and unlimited non-starchy vegetables. After providing answers to some questions, My Way also helps determine grocery items and exercise plans built for your metabolism.

For a quick start, consider the new one-week Fast 5 kit, promising a five-pound weight loss in your first week backed by a money-back guarantee. It includes seven days of breakfasts, lunches and dinners, plus shakes with formulations for men and women to meet their unique nutritional needs.

• Keep moving: Find a regular exercise routine with which you’ll stick. Stay motivated by teaming with friends. While one of the best, low-impact and low-cost forms of exercise is walking, short and intense workouts are beneficial too.

 “Some evidence indicates a single, strenuous four-minute workout is as effective to improving health and fitness as a longer workout,” says Meghan Nichols, Registered Dietician and Project Manager of Research and Development at Nutrisystem.

• Drink more water: Sometimes when you feel hungry, you’re actually thirsty. Before eating, drink water to feel fuller. Replace sugary beverages with the good stuff — eight glasses daily is a good target.

• Get support. Friends and family can be great cheerleaders. And an expert dieting coach can answer your questions. Visit www.Nutrisystem.com for support, where trained counselors are available seven days a week via phone and email.

• Track progress. Tracking your journey can help you keep focused on end goals. Make it convenient by downloading a free app you can use from your phone that features tools to plan meals and track weight, workouts and measurements.

Give your New Year’s diet resolutions more chance for long-term success by achieving quick, modest results right out of the gate.



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