GORUCK Kill That 5K Combines Weight Training, Racing in Fun Fitness Test

Early mornings, bananas and paper numbers are the mundane norm of the average 5K. Small cliques gather together as they patiently await the blare of the starting horn. For the individual who wants something more than normal and a little more exciting GORUCK’s Kill That 5K is the answer. GORUCK is offering participants more than an early morning and a banana and is inviting participants to test their physical limits as they ruck their way to the finish line.

Rucking is to move with a rucksack. The GORUCK 5K provides the cardio of a 5K with the strength training of rucking with weights. Participants walk with a rucksack on their backs filled with sandbags in weights that correlate with their body types and fitness levels.

On March 7th, San Diego will be able to “Kill That 5K” with GORUCK. Onsite registration and event preparation will begin at 3:00 p.m. during the Gear & Beer packet pickup. And, at 5:30 p.m. the 5K will begin as participants race to the after-party.

GORUCK has produced over 2,000 events to date globally. The Kill That 5K event series is the introduction to the sport of rucking. At Kill That 5K events, GORUCK gear will be discounted up to 25% (30% for military) giving rucking amateurs the opportunity to stock up on the essentials.

Participants are required to bring their ruck, a.k.a. backpack, and weight (20 lbs. for female, 30 lbs. for male and 45 lbs. for the elite men or women). The event is not a chipped race, but allows racers the chance to compete against one another. The individual who crosses the finish line first comes in first place. The winner gets his or her post-ruck beer for free and receives the biggest prize.

For a listing of Kill That 5K events across the U.S. and registration information, visit: http://news.goruck.com/kill-that-5k/.

Founded in 2008 by Jason McCarthy, a Green Beret and Ohio native, with childhood best friend Jack Barley of Jacksonville, Florida. GORUCK offers a full range of gear and events based on special operations training and team building. All products are backed by a product lifetime warranty and GORUCK sells its gear primarily to civilians. To date, GORUCK has sold over 25,000 GR1’s to rave reviews. It was even featured in The Punisher, the movie. For more information about GORUCK, please visit the company’s website at http://www.goruck.com.



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