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Coming to Bluray and Digital from director Rodo Sayagues and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is the warning DON’T BREATHE 2.

It has been years since the fire that took Norman Nordstrom (Stephen Lang) home and now he is raising Phoenix (Madelyn Grace). Teaching her survival techniques, he is very protective of her even when she asks questions about her mother. Coming into town, Phonix sees Raylan (Brendan Sexton III) who seems overly friendly towards her.

Returning home at night falls, evil comes to her home as Raylan, Jim-Bob (Adam Young), Duke (Rocci Williams), Jared (Bobby Schofield) and Raul (Christian Zagia) arrive. They are not at the Nordstrom’s for a friendly visit, far from it, they are there for Phoenix.

What the group of men did not know is that Nordstrom will fight to the end to protect those he loves, and that is especially true about Phoenix. So, Raylan decides to tell her the truth about who she is hoping to get what he wants from the girl, and what he wants is beyond heinous.

Nordstrom does not need a reason to go after them all, one by one!

Lang as Nordstrom is a former military man and knows what it takes to survive. Training Phoenix is important to him knowing that there are people in the world that have no problem taking what they want – including your life. Lang gives the strong silent type and instead speaks with action but then again, his career has been characters like Nordstrom.

Grace as Phoenix is a little irritated with Nordstrom feeling as if she is being smothered by his teachings. Wanting an outside life of school and friends she makes it clear she is not happy. That is until she finally is being called upon to put her teachings to the test. Even though Raylan tells her the truth, he is also using her teenage angst.

Sexton III as Raylan is frightening and has no conscious whatsoever. The moment he is on the screen he gives off the creepy get-me-out-of-here vibe. He is the man the world has warned us about because his focus is on what he wants and nothing else – literally nothing else. His concern for Phoenix is based on narcissism and not emotion. As I said, horrifying character!

Young, Williams and Schofield are complete followers and, in some ways, are enjoying the viciousness. It is only Zagia that seems to show a bit of humanity. They are a group of bad guys who do ‘bad guy’ hair raisingly well.

Other cast includes Sofija Sstojanovic as young Phoenix, Diaana Babnicova as Billie, Steffan Rhodri as Surgeon, Fiona O’Shaughnessy as Mother and Stephanie Arcila as Hernandez.

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The Bluray Special Features include Never-Before-Seen Alternate Ending, Friends & Filmmakers Featurette, Bad Man (Slang is Back) Featurette, Designing Deception Featurette and Audio Commentaries with Filmmakers.

DON’T BREATHE 2 continues on with challenging Nordstrom’s abilities. Seeing his blindness as a weakness is their first mistake but it will not be there last. The film is mainly shot in the dark which gives us a bit of a view into how this character manages to do what he does.

Lang may be older doing this role and he certainly does take his hits and cuts but that does not seem to slow him down. Pay attention to the very end because, as I see it, the blind man with skills is not done yet.

In the end – how far will he go?



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