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Coming to Bluray writer/director John Curran and Well Go USA is the terror filled ride of a father for his child that leads down MERCY ROAD.

Tom (Luke Bracey) has just committed a brutal crime and someone knows every detail about it. Daughter Ruby (Martha Morgan) has been abducted and call after call from the authorities and ex-wife Terri (Alex Malone) have Tom on the verge of insanity.

Driving down a dark road, he is trying to understand what is happening as calls come flooding in, one in particular is about to explain what is next. The associate (Toby Jones) is making it clear that Tom is to keep driving and will be told what to do step by step. The voice also seems to know what has happened with his daughter and it is horrific.

Tom reaches out to anyone he can think of to piece together how he can get his daughter back. There is no reason to what he is being asked to do or why, only that he has no other choice than to listen to the calm voice coming through his phone.

The end of the road brings shocking realizations to a man caught up in a voice.

Bracey as Tom is a man totally out of control. He wants to help the daughter he has an estranged relationship with at any cost. The heinous act he commits is almost more than he can handle when driving frantically into the night. Bracey gives every spectrum of panic that one would go through realizing that the situation is in someone else’s hands.

Jones as the voice of The Associate is calm and does not react to Tom’s out of control behavior. Instead, he makes it clear that he is not motivated by emotion but, in fact, is motivated to do whatever any client wishes without emotion being a factor. Jones has a distinctive voice and, even though the character claims to have no reactions, that is the creepy element that is so well done here.

Malone as Terri is reacting to her ex-husband based on an incident that continually plagues her anger. When Tom tries to explain what is really happening, she wants to believe him but that doesn’t change her range of anger. Well done, Mom!

Morgan as Ruby is the reason for everything that is happening. A kidnapped daughter who is going through something in her life that has brought it all about is living on borrowed time according to The Associate. There are moments where we see Ruby but it is so quick that it adds to the already building tension of the film.

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MERCY ROAD is a fast-paced film of a father trying to protect a daughter he is estranged from. Being away from her does not change the fact that something horrible has happened to her and Bracey’s character is going to do everything he can to fix it, even commit a crime. Once on the road, his life is no longer his own as he discovers that someone is watching every move.

Once the clock starts on her survival, Bracey’s character Tom tries everything that he can to reach out for help – but someone is listening and controlling everything. That’s what makes this film so intense is watching Tom try to escape a situation, reaching out for help and trying to figure out who it is that is watching and listening to every move he makes.

Keeping the cast small adds to that intensity because all eyes are on Tom and his reaction to the situation. Voices over the phone and short videos keep hope alive but barely. This is the type of film that you have popcorn in your hand and it’s almost in your mouth but just stops short and stays there for a long while.

In the end – one wrong turn can cost you everything!



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