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Coming to Bluray/DVD and Digital from director Benny Chan and Well Go USA is a police action with twists at every turn trying to put out a RAGING FIRE.

Cheung (Donnie Yen) is a police officer with the Regional Crime Unit who has spent his career cracking case after case. Waiting for the arrival of his first child, Cheung is trying to get the job done but with maybe a little less danger. It is clear throughout the force that he can not be bought to betray his job.

Because he will not, sometimes to the point where he is left out of important cases. When he and his crew are cut out of a bust, Cheung decides he will go anyway. When he gets there, to their shock and horror, they find twenty police officers either dead or seriously wounded.

Cheung is determined to discover who is responsible. What he doesn’t know is that Ngo (Nicolas Tse) and his gang are not afraid to break laws and cause mayhem in the city. It becomes a game of kill or be killed but why?

Only Cheung and Ngo have the answer to that!

Yen as Cheung is so amazing to watch, not just as a martial artist but as an actor. Playing a no-nonsense police officer, this character takes his job seriously and nothing made me applaud more than the tea-scene (you will see!). As a martial artist, Yen’s character took punches and got whupped a time or two, but his moves are so smooth and thrilling to watch.

Tse as Ngo was equally amazing to watch. Getting the opportunity to play a pure evil eyed looking bad ass who takes no prisoners is the opposite of Cheung. He sets his ground rules for the group and lets it be known that failure has repercussions. Tse gives as good as he gets and his martial arts moves are stunning to watch with Yen.

Other cast include Qin Lan as Anna Lam, Ray Lui as You, Jeanna Ho as Turbo, Angus Yeung as Cho, Bruce as Kwan, Yu Kang as Mok, Ben Yuen as Kit, Patrick Tam as Ka-po, Kenny Wong as Tai, and Deep Ng as Chow.

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RAGING FIRE is a non-stop acting filled twisty fast story that it did not feel like a two-hour film. It deals with corruption, those who refuse to be corrupt because let us not forget that behind Cheung is a group of police officers that share his beliefs equally, and a back story that slowly makes its way forward.

Yen and Tse have a heavy load to carry as the two main characters of the film. Their presence on screen is palpable and tense to the point where you can see the bough about to break. When it does, the martial arts are superb to watch and shows what skill both of these actors have.

Grab a huge bucket of popcorn and get ready for the chase of a lifetime.

In the end – the fire rages for a reason!



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