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Coming to theatres from director Anthony Hayes and Saban Films is the story of a world gone haywire but still knows the value of GOLD.

In the future, the world has turned into one big dustbowl, so much so that people are trying to find work and a place to survive. Arriving to report to the Compound, Virgil (Zac Efron) waits to be taken to his new home. Pulling up with an attitude is Keith (Anthony Hayes) who makes it clear that the ride will cost him and do not mess with the air conditioning.

Wanting a little conversation, Keith asks a few questions and Virgil is not to forthcoming with answers. It is clear from his demeanor that he would just prefer to be left alone. Stopping for the night by campfire, Virgil learns that the desert is filled with noises and hungry dogs.

Driving the next day so Keith can sleep, Virgil is not happy about the heat that is taking over the car and does the one thing he was asked not to – turned up the air conditioning. Keith is furious and the two are on the side of the road waiting for everything to settle down. Virgil walks around but notices something sticking out of the ground – a huge piece of gold.

Keith knows someone with an excavator and Virgil agrees to stay with their find. It may take days, so the antsy Keith gives him a few hints on how to stay alive until he gets back. That’s when things get interesting as Virgil fights each day and each night with very little food and very little water.

Now, Virgil is up against nature and the will to survive for a piece of gold!

Efron as Virgil is a very quiet person who is not interested in talking about where he came from or what has happened to him. His time in the desert is excruciating to watch and a bit frustrating as I found myself yelling at the screen. That being said, Efron has to use emotions, dead eye and body language to tell us everything we need to know about his character. He gives a strong performance about survival and a kind of greed that cannot be easily defined.

Hayes as Keith cannot believe that Virgil is in the territory a day and he makes the find that is truly unbelievable. Agreeing to help dig it out, he tries to stay in contact with Virgil as the days stretch out and will not take any interference with their find. Hayes gives us a creepy character that clearly is only interested in himself and that makes his performance successful.

Shout out to Susie Porter who plays ‘The Stranger’ because she is strong and does not take anything from someone scavenging in her area. I loved her performance and saw her as a way for Virgil to survive and yet, he chose wrong.

Saban Films was launched in 2014 and has built an impressive slate of high-quality feature films distributed with partner Lionsgate. Focusing on talent-driven films, the company looks at projects in all stages of production to be released across multiple platforms. Films such as SISTER OF THE GROOM, FATMAN and BREACH are part of the wonderful Saban slate, and more information can be found at

GOLD is an interesting film because it is centered around a future that is environmentally broken but then again, so are the people trying to survive. Efron is the epitome of a broken human being arriving in a barren place believing this is all he entitled to for life. Finding the gold, it is as if something awakens in him, the world as it once was – greedy.

Yet, his greed seemed based in survival knowing there could be something better, but his buddy Keith is that kind of character that does not care about anything but maybe living the high life. Watching Efron go into frightening depths of a life shrinking further and further away, when challenged, it is the gold that snaps him back into survival mode.

This film is definetly one that is worthy of conversation for those who see it because I can guarantee everyone will experience something different – but the main topic will be the GOLD.

In the end – for everything he will do anything!



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