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Coming to 4K Ultra HD, Bluray and Digital from writer/director Neill Blomkamp and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is the thriller to get to ELYSIUM.

Max Da Costa (Matt Damon) lives in the year 2154 Los Angeles in utter poverty. Above them is a spaceship called Elysium where the rich live. Elysium has a cure for almost anything that could be imagined but, only the powerful living on the ship get it.

Those barely surviving on Earth want what Elysium has and that includes Max who was hurt working for Armadyne, a factory that makes weaponry and robots policing Earth. CEO Carylyle (William Fichtner) refuses to help Max so he is taking matters into his own hands deciding to find Spider (Wagner Moura), a human smuggler that can get he and Julio (Diego Luna) to Elysium.

The Defense Secretary on Elysium, Delacourt (Jodie Foster) finds out about ships smuggling humans and shoots them down. President Patel (Faran Tahir) is furious but that does not stop Delacourt from making a deal with Carylyle for more weapons. Spider finds out about it and says he can get Max to Elysium if he stills the information Carylyle has.

Max agrees and when he gets his hands on the program, Deacourt is furious and brings in Agent Kruger (Sharlto Copley) to retrieve it. Now the rush is on to stay alive and fight their way to Elysium first!

Damon as Max is a man who has lived the best he can under the circumstances. When the CEO of the company he worked for treats him badly, Damon gives his character of Max a reason to go on – and that is to get to Elysium. He had not intended to help others, but Max is given the chance to do so and puts himself front and center when Kruger is on the hunt. I enjoyed Damon in this role because it is different and a dip into the sci-fi world.

Foster as Delacourt, well, what can I say but I actually adore Foster when she has the chance to play the bad gal. She does it so damn well that I find myself wickedly laughing when her character pulls stunts. As Delacourt, she has no use for the people living on Earth and her only concern is keeping the rich and powerful clean and healthy.

Copley as Kruger has some idea of how to go about playing this role because he was on the other end in the 2009 film DISTRICT 9 (another of my personal favs). Here he gets to be under the thumb of Delacourt but there is something about this character that does not seem to mind a good chase. Copley came on the film scene fast and has made his mark. Secretly I was hoping to see a District 10 and perhaps I still am hoping.

Other cast include Alice Braga as Frey Santiago, Brandon Auret as Drake, Josh Blacker as Crowe, Emma Tremblay as Matila Santiago, Jose Cantillo as Sandro, Adrian Holmes as Manuel, and Jared Keeso as Rico.

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The 4K Ultra HD gives this film an epic look and since my kids were nice enough to get me a 70” 4K television for Christmas, trust me when I saw seeing this film again is awesome in scope, color, cinematography and action.

ELYSIUM is a thrill ride of a sci-fi film with the good guy who isn’t about to let a little the rich living in the sky stop him from doing what must be done for every guy (and gal). This is an futuristic underdog story that Damon takes on full force.

Also, in this film is those much less fortunate taking on those who believe they are above, literally, the rest of the world. That is where the story really gets interesting so buckle up for the Blomkamp ride because no one is holding back!

In the end – rebel against!



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