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Coming to theatre to help us all fly high through the holidays from writer/directors Benjamin Renner, Gyulo Homsy, Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures comes MIGRATION.

The Mallard family lives a pretty nice life on the banks of their pond. Dad Mack (Kumail Nanjiani), Mom Pam (Elizabeth Banks) and their two children Dax (Caspar Jennings) and Gwen (Resi Gazal). Mack is a bit of an anxious father constantly worried about keeping his children safe from scary things with Pam being the positive of the two.

Son Dax is a daredevil who is both a caring and irritating brother to little Gwen and she has picked up some of Mack’s nervousness. To round out the Mallard clan is Uncle Dan (Danny DeVito) who loves his family in his own way. When a group of colorful duck’s land in their pond for a bit of a rest, Pam learns they are migrating to Jamaica and she is intrigued.

Mack, however, is not so much into all the friendliness and goes about his business. Pam makes it clear that, in fact, she wants to migrate to Jamaica to see outside their little world. Knowing that he must overcome his fears, Mack decides to gather up the clan and head south. Once up in the huge sky, the family feels such freedom – which is quickly interrupted.

The Mallards discover Erin (Carol Kane) the kind of scary heron and the big city. Feeling a bit lost, they meet Chump (Awkwafina) who knows someone that can help them on their way. Delroy (Keegan-Michael Key) is a stunning exotic bird locked in a cage by The Chef! Wanting to go home, Mack decides to take on a task that brings him to a place ducks shouldn’t go, into a chef’s kitchen.

Escaping quickly, the new member of the flock is happy to be in the air again, when breaktime comes the family meets Googoo (David Mitchell) who is seriously into yoga. Since helping Delroy escape, The Chef has decided his mission is to find the birds and bring them back to his restauraunt.

Not so fast, the flock of feathers might have something to say about that!

Nanjiani voices Mack, the head of the family (so he thinks) and thinks that telling his kids scary things about the world will keep them safe. It is only when his wife decides that she wants to do something different does he realize the hold he has been putting on his family. Banks as Pam is a loving wife and Mom who knows that it is time for them to do something different as a family. Once out in the world she is the glue that holds them all together.

Jennings as Dax is a thrill seeker who sometimes pushes the limits a bit to far. Gazal as Gwen is an agreeable and, at times, a duplicate of her father with fears no little bird should have but she is so dang cute! DeVito as Uncle Dan is an elderly duck who goes along to get along and does so in his own unique way.

Kane drops by as the voice of Erin the heron and keeps the Mallards on their webbed feet. Awkwafina flies in as Chump the leader of the pigeons who may be little but don’t let her size fool you. Mitchell as Googoo is as deeply meditating as a bird can get, perhaps a little too much into it to see the truth around him.

Key as Delroy is a bird of beautiful feathers who has been caged. That is until his new friends decide that it is time to be free once again, oh, and give them directions to Jamaica!

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Illumination, founded by Chris Meledandri in 2007, is one of the industry’s leading producers of event animated films. Bringing the DESPICABLE ME franchise, to include Minions, features some of the world’s most renowned talent. To read more please visit

The film begins with a bit of Minion fun in a short film that will have fans thrilled to see their antics once again. That beings said, Illumination has done it again with their own unique brand of animation, togetherness, fun and humor. Sitting in our seats was three generations of ladies who couldn’t stop laughing from beginning to end. We are all minion lovers from the very first so anything Illumination brings to the screen we are there for.

MIGRATION is absolutely adorable in all respects, from vibrant colors, to action, to humor, this film has everything a family wants to see for the holidays. The story of family is so strong in this telling that it seems only natural that the birds of all feathers would be flocking together. Even the pigeons finally get to have a say in how they feel about their bad reputation and it is adorable.

Walking out of the theatre it was clear that Moms and Dads had a fun time with the kids talking about what they liked the most. Let’s be clear however that all adults should be have a wonderful time just seeing it on their own. Directors Renner and Homsy should be congratulated for bringing a wonderful film to the big screen in time for the holidays!

In the end – soar into a new adventure!



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