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Coming to Bluray, DVD and Digital from writer/director Park Hoon-jung and Well Go USA is the story of a fight for life when it comes to THE CHILDE.

Marco (Kang Tae-joo) is attempting to deal with the needs of his very sick mother. One way is by illegal fighting that goes on in the Philippines paying him but he is always looking for other ways to earn money. Marco is also using his money to find out where he’s father, who is Korean, might be to help pay for a surgery she needs. A friend offers him a side job but it proves dangerous as it goes wrong.  

He receives a call saying his father is actually looking for Marco and wants to see him. With the promise of paying for surgery and leaving his mother in the care of a hospice nurse, Marco flies to Korea to meet his father. On the plane he meets a man who explains he is a friend but what he tells Marco doesn’t make sense. Arriving and whisked away to meet his father, he is ambushed by an assassin called the Nobleman (Kim Deon-ho), the same man he met on the plane.

But, the Nobelman isn’t his only concern as Han Yi-sa (Kim Kang-woo) has decided that Marco’s father’s fortune should be his and Yoon-ju (Go Ara), a woman with a mystery of her own. Now Marco is on the run in a country he doesn’t know with people not explaining why it is all happening to him. When he does discover what it is all about, he will certainly need a friend to guide him through it all.

Sometimes a friend is all you have!

Tae-joo as Marco is a man who has spent years taking care of his mother and it’s getting more difficult. Trying to find his father is the answer, or so he thinks. Once he has made contact with his father, going to Korea seemed the next logical step but what happens the moment he lands in Korea is a whole other story. Watching Tae-joo taking on such a physical role is absolutely impressive. From his boxing scenes to constantly being on the run, this actor takes on the mystery and the madness.

Seon-ho as the Nobleman is absolutely stunning in this role. He is devilishly hilarious, calm to the core, impeccably dressed (gawd forbid he gets blood on his shoes), laser focused, saucy and very patient. These are all unusual but seriously awesome in this role. Seon-ho delivers to the point that I found myself giggling at some of the things he says and how he behaves. The action he delivers is straight forward and bloody yet still weirdly calm. It actually was quite enjoyable and, may I say, I love Seon-ho’s portrayal of the Nobleman! Well played Seon-ho, well played!

Kang-woo as Yi-sa is arrogant and believes that the world should do whatever he wants. He sees no consequences for his actions and thinks taking someone out is the way to go. He is ruthless and only knows one thing, causing havoc for his own personal gain. Kang-woo gives his characters moments but it must be said, those moments are viciously brutal.

Ara as Yoon-ju has her own way of handling things and it is clear she is a stunner behind the wheel of a car. Ra-el as sister Ga-young is arrogant, full of herself and knows that the family is dangerous but perhaps not as dangerous as she can be.

Other cast include Lee Ki-young as Kim Seon-saeng, Heo Joon-seok as Andrew Kang, Caroline Magbojos as Marco’s Mother, Jeong Ra-el as Han Ga-young, Choic Jung-woo as Chairman Han and Justin Harvey.

THE CHILDE is in Korean with English subtitles coming in at 118 minutes.

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THE CHILDE is definetly a thrill ride of plot twists, storylines and characters you will likely never forget. The secrets keep Marco on his toes most of all as he attempts to discover what his role in the chaos is. As the pieces come together, Marco realizes that everything he had hoped for his life has all just been thrown to the wind.

The car chases are filmed beautifully and the cinematography is just so darn well done. Director Park Hoon-jung has written a story and put every thrilling moment on film. It is so well done and full of thrills as Marco and the Nobleman carry each and every frame of film they are in.

This is one of the finest thrill rides to enter us into 2024 and I absolutely will be watching it again. That’s my favorite thing to do when a film has captured my attention, a second watch is required! So, buckle up because they are not about to slow down for anyone or anything and get in their way and bullets will fly!

In the end – he is on the run!



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