Amish Country Ransom

Mary Alford

Love Inspired Suspense

August 22nd, 2023

Amish Country Ransom by Mary Alford is very suspenseful.  There is also an interesting backstory on the hero and heroine as each battle scars from the past.  The plot has major tension as there is a storm brewing not only in the relationship but also as the weather gets worse and the need to get the bad guy terrorists before they bring harm to the country.

Jade Powell is an FBI agent, and Ethan Connors is a K9 trainer. He was her commander when both served in Afghanistan. After Jade’s sister Rose is abducted, she contacts Ethan to help find her. The kidnapper is the same person Jade had confronted in Afghanistan; a monster named Div.  As both race through the wilderness and worsening weather they also help each other overcome their scars.  Jade was abducted by Div who tortured her, while Ethan was on assignment overseas during the time his wife was losing a battle with cancer. 

Helping are Ethan’s search and rescue dogs that add another dimension to the story. Their devotion and willingness to help find Jade’s sister Rose shows how amazing the dogs are to the team.

Readers will want to turn the pages to find out how will Jade and Ethan survive not only the increment weather but also the monster Div.  They are also slowly realizing that they can help each other overcome their terrible past.

Elise Cooper: The idea for the story?

Mary Alford:  This is the last one in this series.  The hero in this story has been featured in a lot of books.  I always wanted to write his story. I wanted to write his back history, which was highlighted in this book. 

EC:  What about the heroine Jade Powell?

MA:  She was front and center in the last book, Amish Wilderness Survival where they became reunited. She was a Marine under Ethan’s command.  She now works as an undercover agent with the FBI. She can be withdrawn but is very tough, broken, compassionate, and sympathetic. While in Afghanistan she was kidnapped and hurt very badly by a terrorist who killed her asset.  She has a troubled past. Because she is emotionally wounded, she has become distant. 

EC:  How would you describe Ethan?

MA:  Overprotective, caring, and strong.  He loved his wife and had no idea she had cancer.  He did not leave the military because he felt compelled to finish the mission. When he came home, he regrets that they did not have much more time together because of her terminal disease. 

EC:  Through him you highlight how those in the military must sacrifice and are not always there for their families?

MA:  I did talk to people.  It is not only a sacrifice for those in the military, but also for the families. It is very hard to be separated. This has always been dear to my heart. Everyone should realize the sacrifice made so we can have our freedoms because it is huge. 

EC:  What about the relationship between Jade and Ethan?

MA:  As the story progresses, she opens up to Ethan which helps the relationship grow from friendship to something more.  Ethan helps her let go of all her hurt and pain.  She realizes she can trust him. Because Ethan felt he let his wife down he never formed a relationship with another woman. He is wounded also. Both feel guilty and have grief in common. 

EC:  You bring Afghanistan to Montana through the bad guy, Div?

MA:  He is greedy, power hungry, smug, confidant, likes to taunt, and loves to be in control.  He is spoiled. He has done terrible things to people.  He has aligned himself with people who want to threaten the US. 

EC:  Next books?

MA:  In September a book will be published, titled Don’t Close Your Eyes, which is a psychological thriller about a serial killer. Those working the case had been divorced. 

In December the fifth book in the Hope Island Security Series will be out, titled Shrouded Past

In January of next year, a suspense book comes out titled Deadly Mountain Escape.  There is a canine handler deputy sheriff that is tracking a trafficking ring.




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