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Coming to theatres from director Oliver Hermanus and Sony Picture Classics is the story of coming to life to learn about LIVING.

Mr. Williams (Bill Nighy) is a quiet man living in the 1950’s working in a bureaucratic role. Once a week he would take time to go see a film at the local cinema but life becomes awakened when it is discovered that Mr. Williams is ill.

Also, in the office working with Mr. Williams is Miss Margaret Harris (Aimee Lou Wood), a young woman who sees that moving ahead is not going to work so she decides to move on. The only thing stopping her is needing a reference from her boss Mr. Williams who seems to be absent from work.

Mr. Williams discovers that there is a life outside the office and away from the son Michael who means well. There is song, drink and discovering that sharing feelings with someone else is never too late to experience. It is in this grand opportunity of opening up does Mr. Williams discover what he has been afraid of, what he has been missing and the chance to embrace the time left of his life.

Nighy as Mr. Williams is so charming, eloquent and poignant in this role. He is a man that has been stuck in one place to the point of not even realizing it until the word ‘terminal’ is put into his life. Confused about what to do and how to feel, life shows Mr. Williams a path he never expects to be on and it is subtly beautiful in the hands of Nighy. Honestly, I’d expect nothing less from this fine actor.

Wood as Miss Harris is equally charming in that she gets to see a different Mr. Williams than everyone else gets to see. She wants to find her own place in the world and once she enters the into his new open world, she also sees the possibilities herself. Wood is the life breeze in a room full of stale air.

Other cast include Barney Fishwick as Michael Williams, Nichola McAuliffe as Mrs. Blake, Patsy Ferran as Fiona Williams, Jessica Flood as Mrs. Porter, Anant Varman as Mr. Singh, Lia Williams as Mrs. Smith, Zoe Boyle as Mrs. McMasters, Adrian Rawlins as Mr. Middleton, Oliver Chris as Mr. Hart, Michael Cochrane as Sir James, Hubert Burton as Mr. Rusbridger, and Alex Sharp as Mr. Peter Wakeling.

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LIVING is actually a remake of IKIRU written by novelist and Nobel Laureate Akira Kurosawa. It is the story of postwar Japan and a family moving from Nagasaki to England and their struggle to rebuild their lives after war.

The film has always been given nods from the Hollywood Music in Media Awards, British Independent Film Awards, National Board of Review, Los Angeles Film Critics Association, Chicago Film Critics Association, Dallas-Ford Worth Film Critics Association, Alliance of Women Film Journalists, National Society of Film Critics, San Francisco Bay Area Film Critics Circle, Critics’ Choice Movie Awards, London Film Critics’ Circle, Satellite Awards and Golden Globe Awards.

LIVING moves slowly and deliberately in the life of Mr. Williams. He has one final chance to feel, live, remember and explore the possibilities of life. He sees the opportunities to be something more, anything more than he has been and Nighy lights up the screen with his blossoming portrayal of this man.

Director Hermanus keeps the story so simple and that keeps my eye on Mr. Williams’ exploration. It gives the viewer pause when Nighy speaks bringing a reaction of thoughtfulness and awakening to the reasons for having a purpose in this life. It is a marvel and beauty to see and experience this film.

In the end – an ordinary man discovers the extraordinary key to life!



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