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Currently on DVD from writer/director Lodewijk Crijns and Film Movement comes the nightmare of what can happen when you TAILGATE.

Hans (Jeroen Spitzenberger), wife Diana (Anniek Pheifer) and daughters Milou (Roosmarijn van der Hoek) and Robine (Liz Vergeer) are on the road to go visit the grandparents. The traffic on the road is moving at a normal pace until Hans comes up behind a white van that refuses to keep up the pace.

As the line of cars stacks up behind Hans in his lane and trucks taking up the other lane, he flashes lights and honks the horn. Instead of speeding up, the white van slows down until finally Hans manages to go around and speed away. The family’s nerves are on edge from that whole incident, but nothing can prepare them for what is coming.

Thinking it is over, Ed notices the white van following their car. Behind the wheel is Ed (Willem de Wolf) and he has only one thing in mind. Now the family is on the run from a mad man who has no qualms about teaching adults’ lessons on how to apologize.

Spitzenberger as Hans is the typical husband behind the wheel just trying to get from point A to point B as quick as possible. When challenged by the man in the white van, Hans resorts to the usual signs of driver irritation setting in motion every event from that moment on. Pheifer as Diana is the typical wife in the car with the typical husband trying to get from point A to point B without pulling her hair out.

Hoek and Vergeer as Milou and Robine are horrified by what is happening to their family. Once getting to the grandparent’s house, they feel a moment of relief only to discover that crazy can follow a family anywhere. Shout out to Truus te Selle as Trudy and Hubert Fermin as Joop as the grandparents.

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TAILGATE is a film that is a start to finish race to see who will survive. If anything, the film is a reminder of what can happen on the road when a person is impatient. You never know who is in the car in front of you or what their intentions are. Not that we haven’t seen in the news what road rage can do.

The pace keeps the heart pumping, and it is unnerving how calm Ed the crazy is while everyone else is screaming and panicking. Just goes to show you how focused a person can be when you’ve crossed into their line of insanity! Keep your eyes on the road but make sure you watch your rear.

TAILGATE is the Official Selection of FrightFest and the Sitges Film Festival and will be available exclusively at Walmart.

In the end – road rage has its consequences!



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