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Coming to 4K Ultra HD and Bluray in a Collector’s Edition from director Sam Raimi and Scream Factory is the story of the DARKMAN.

Dr. Peyton Westlake (Liam Neeson) is in the process of developing a synthetic skin but can’t get it to last more than 99 minutes. Keeping him in the lab, he wants to help burn victims with his discovery. Girlfriend Julie Hastings (Frances McDormand) is also hard at work when she discovers that developer Lous Strack Jr. (Colin Friels) has been dealing in bribery. Strack warns her that a memorandum that she found needs to be returned to crime boss Robert G. Durant (Larry Drake).

Back at the lab, Dr. Westlake are still working on the synthetic skin, they are close to fixing the problem making it work. They are interrupted when mobster Durant demands the memorandum that Westlake knows nothing about. Chaos erupts as Westlake is beaten, burned and the lab destroyed as Julie witnesses it all.

Blown into the river, Westlake is found and taken to the hospital as John Doe where he is given a treatment so that he no longer feels pain. Now he has unusual strength and after waking from a coma, escapes the hospital. Julie thinks Westlake is dead and goes on with her work while Westlake attempts to create a face for himself. His anger gives him motivation to go after Durant.

When Julie sees Westlake is alive, he keeps himself in the dark fearing she would reject him if she saw his face. While together at a carnival, his anger overwhelms him as anger takes ahold and his face begins to fall apart. Durant is still watching them both and now he has Julie kidnapped and they try to kill Westlake. Westlake realizes that he can not return to his old life and knows he must walk away from everything he knows.

Neeson as Westlake takes on his role and gives it the darkness it needs. His towering tallness is perfect for giving that ominous feel of a man who wants revenge while also wondering if a life with Julie is possible. I just love Neeson’s portrayal and with Raimi guiding him, it all works. McDormand as Julie is a strong female presence in the film with a toughness of her very own. That’s important as this story needs both of them and McDormand has no difficulty standing up for her own character.

Other cast include Nicholas Worth as Pauly Mazzuchelli, Ted Raimi as Rick Anderson, Nelson Mashita as Yakitito Yanagito, Julius Harris as the Gravedigger, Jessie Ferguson as Eddie Black, Rafael H. Robledo as Rudy Guzman, Dan Bell as Smiley Rogers, Arsenio Trinidad as Hung Fat and Bridget Hoffman as the Computer Voice.

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Special Features include on Disc One are New 4K Restoration from the Original Negative in Dolby Vision Approved by Director Sam Raimi and Director of Photography Bill Pope, New Audio Commentary with Filmmaker and DARKMAN Superfan Josh Ruben, and Audio Commentary with Bill Pope.

On Disc Two include  New 4k Transfer from the Original Negative Approved by Sam Raimi and Bill Pope, New Audio Commentary with Josh Ruben, Audio Commentary with Bill Pope, “Dissecting DARKMAN” – Interview with Actor Liam Neeson, Interview with Actor Frances McDormand, “The Name is Durant” – interview with Actor Larry Drake, “The Face of Revenge” – Interview with Makeup Designer Tony Gardner, “Henchman Tales” – Interviews with Actors Danny Hicks and Dan Bell, “Dark Design” – Interview with Production Designer Randy Set and Art Director Philip Dagort, Vintage “Making-Of” Featurette – Interviews with Sam Raimi, Liam Neeson, Frances McDormand and More, Vintage Interviews with Sam Raimi, Liam Neeson and Frances McDormand, Theatrical Trailer, TV Spots, Still Galleries – Posters & Production Stills, Behind the Scenes, and Make-Up Effects and Storyboards.

Director Raimi takes this story and mixes together action, horror, revenge, adventure and a bit of humor to bring a superhero movie to life. It is also a dark film take takes a comic book character and brings it from page to screen. As I am a fan of Neeson there isn’t anything I can say that would turn me away from seeing it again and again.

DARKMAN was ahead of its time with Raimi bringing this fourteen-million-dollar story to the big screen at a time when superheroes were looking for their spot is everything. Fire up that big screen television (the bigger the better) and crank up the soundbar because it’s time for his return!

In the end – he is everyone and no one!



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