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On Bluray from directors Andy Mitton, Jesse Holland and Lightyear is the remastered film WE GO ON Remastered.

Miles (Clark Freeman) is a man living is life in paralyzing fear of death. He decides the only way to stop the trauma is by offering anyone $30,000 for proof of ghosts, angels, demons or anything else that proves there is an afterlife. Mom (Annette O’Toole) tries to understand why he needs to do it but supports and follows him on the journey for answers.

He finds the names of three people he thinks can possibly help, the first being a scientist who attempts to prove a theory, one which Mom squashes immediately. The next person on the list is medium Josephina (Giovanna Zacarias) who attempts to make Miles understand what is happening around him but is having problems coping with her own visions.

Becoming strained by what has been happening, Miles and his mother try to talk about the past and the memories. He decides it is time to go on his own and sends Mom on her way but she isn’t about to go without talking to Josephina one more time. Miles agrees to meet with Nelson (Jay Dunn) who promises him the answers he is looking for but within the walls of a house, he might have finally found his answers.

Freeman as Miles is clearly a man at the end of his mind with the fears that plague him daily. Trying to deal with it all, offering money for proof of life seems to be all that is left. Jumping from one clue to another it causes him even more terrors. Freeman gives a believable performance of those fears from one search to the next.

O’Toole as Mom doesn’t believe in the afterlife but does have the memories of a husband who helped raise their son. She goes along with Miles believing that perhaps it will help him with his fears but isn’t going to let just anyone mess with her boy. O’Toole gives a strong character performance and when it comes to frights, she has to see to believe.

Zacarias as Josephina is a complex character as well living both in the real and spiritual world. Personally, I think anyone would go a bit crazy trying to tell the living from the not so much. Glover as Dr. Ellison comes on strong and believes in his quest equally. Glover has always been good at portraying these types of characters and does so in this film as well.

Dunn as Nelson gives the most frightening performance of all. He doesn’t seem to want the money but instead has a far greater motive for wanting to help Miles. Then again, with all help there is sometimes a price to be paid.

Other cast include Laura Heisler as Alice, Jay Dunn as Nelson, David Bickford as a TV personality, Justin Carpenter as Miles Dad, Tony Devon as Alberto, Cassidy Freeman as young Charlotte, Logan Kishi as Paulo, Peter Lucas as The Priest, and John Glover as Dr. Ellison.

Lightyear Entertainment is a Los Angeles-based distribution company that previously theatrically released TANNA, Academy Award nominated for Best Foreign Film. Additionally, CEO Arnie Holland and his team theatrically released THE ETRUSCAN SMILE, which starred Brian Cox (HBO’s Succession), MAZE, GOLDSTONE, VOODOO MACBET, and A-HA: The Movie. For more information, visit

Bonus Features include Commentary from Stars Annette O’Toole and Clark Freeman, Commentary from director/writer (story) Jesse Holland and Commentary from director/writer Andy Mitton.

WE GO ON: Remastered was the winner of Audience Awards at Dances with Films and the Dead by Dawn Horror Film Festival and the Silver Raven at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival.

The film is a slow ride into horror, madness and what lies beyond in the open mind. The answer of life after death happens in mind of the viewer as the story makes it clear that we are all going to see death differently. In Miles’ case, his search is based on fear and with each step he takes, the fear grows more and more.

Step by step, the character of Miles feels he is either being dragged or led to the answers he is willing to pay for. That won’t stop him either way and we are all on his journey whether we believe or not – and that’s the horror of it.

In the end – is there life after death?



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