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Coming to theatres this Friday from directors Mike Mitchell, Stephanie Stine, DreamWorks Animation and Universal Pictures is the return of the dragon warrior in KUNG FU PANDA 4.

Po (voiced by Jack Black) is enjoying his life being the Dragon Warrior. All of that is about to change when Master Shifu (Dustin Hoffman) tells him that it is time to choose a new dragon warrior. Po’s role in the valley is about to change and that, sadly, isn’t what he really wants. Going to the temple, Po realizes something strange is happening and it is because of a fox of a thief called Zhen (Awkwafina) with mad skills!

But she isn’t the only one, a sorceress chameleon called, well, The Chameleon (Viola Davis) wants to take over everything. She has the ability to disguise herself to look like anyone which helps her in the quest for domination. Po decides that he can’t allow that to happen and with the help of Zhen, as the Furious Five are on other missions, and the staff given to him by Master Ugway, they take off to Juniper City. Of course, all of this is against Master Shifu’s advice which is no surprise.

Po gets to see what life in the big city is like with its bustling and hustling which is where Zhen comes in. Introducing Po to the thief life underground, he meets Han (Ke Huy Quan) the pangolin who runs it all. It’s a place where trusting doesn’t come easy and you have to keep an eye on your pants at all times.

In the valley, Mr. Ping (James Hong) and Li Shan (Bryan Cranston), Po’s fathers, are worried about their boy and decide that they must try and be of help to their son. What they all don’t know is that The Chameleon wants them all to come to her because she has the dastardly plan to reunite Po with some of his old nemesis’ or is that nemisi?

It is not only a battle to keep the Valley of Peace and its people together, it is a battle to discover that doing what is right is everything!

Black as Po vocally steps back into the role with ease. Enjoying the life as the Dragon Warrior, he doesn’t want to be anything more than that even thought Master Ugway chose him. When he gets the chance to go on an adventure without the Furious Five, he jumps right in always wanting to do the right thing. Going into a big city where that idea isn’t as popular as in the valley, Black’s character stays true to himself even if it will cost him everything.

Awkwafina as Zhen is a fast on her paws thief who doesn’t see anything wrong with her way of life. Hanging around Po is bound to rub off on anyone and Zhen is a hard case. She has never known anyone like him and it has the chance to change her way of thinking if she would only let it. First, she has to get beyond her past and the one who has controlled it for so long. Awkwafina is making a name for herself doing voice overs and if it works, it works.

Davis as The Chameleon is a charming hot mess of a villain but it is awesome to watch such a small creature bring about large terror. She knows what she wants and Davis gives her the voice to get it done, or at least wreak havoc in the process. The plan is a brilliant one and brings the story full circle.

Hoffman as Master Shifu is the one who has always been so tolerant of Po and once again Hoffman is called about to be so. Dealing with the fact that Po has Master Ugway’s staff doesn’t bother him, or at least that is what he is trying to convince himself of. He is also trying to keep Po from danger and that’s a task in itself.

Hong as Dad Mr. Ping is still so lovely, warm, caring and a big of an over protective Dad. I just love this character and have from the start. Now joining him is Cranston as Li Shan, Po’s Dad as well. He now has a front row seat to his son being the Dragon Warrior and it is an adventure in itself. Both these characters are amazing, fun, and supportive of their son and I’m all for it.

Other cast include Lori Tan Chinn as Granny Boar, Ronny Chieng as Captain Fish and Ian McShane as Tai Lung.

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KUNG FU PANDA 4 is a fantastic time at the movies for the whole family. There is fun, adventure, laughter, and a story filled with simple life lessons on family, honesty, friendship and being yourself. It is all done in a vibrant colorful film and plenty to talk about after!

So, pack up the family, and prepare to join in the journey with Po and his friends to fight for the Valley of Peace one more time!

In the end – find your inner peace and then protect it all!



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