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Coming to DVD in an awesome 12-Movie Collection from Lifetime jingles in the new year with love, family, and the holiday spirit with A VERY MERRY MOVIE COLLECTION Vol. 5-6.

CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF CHRISTMAS, Bridget (Valery Ortiz) finds herself in Leavenworth, Washington. The network where she is the weather person sends her to the Christmas Eve festival to do a snow-cast. Thinking this would be a moment for her career, the lights get dimmer when Drake Kincaid (Brandon Quinn) shows up. Not on the best of terms makes the situation less holiday and more oh-holiday-no! But, it’s the magical time of year, who knows what can happen when the spirit of love sprinkles holiday cheer. Also starring Audrey Landers, Fabiana Udenio, Deon Richmond, Nicole Bilderback, John Laughlin and Sarah JaneMorris.

In Oaxaca, Mexico, MERRY TEXTMAS and the Diaz family live in a town that celebrates the holidays with “12 Challenges of Christmas”. Gaby (Ariana Ron Pedrique) is an app developer living Austin, Texas and is preparing travels to her grandmother’s home in Mexico. As all the plans are made on a group chat, Gaby accidentally adds graphic designer Alex (Rodrigo Massa) and her family decides to get the single gal Gaby into the mix. It’s time to wrap a perfect match and get it under the Dias family Christmas tree! Also starring Lorena Enriquez, Mar Carrera and Luisa Muriel.

Christmas in Switzerland is the setting for MERRY SWISSMAS as architect Alex (Jodie Sweetin) is preparing to spend some holiday time with her mom Caroline (Jane Wheeler). Preparing to attend the opening of her mom’s new inn, Alex is about to freak out when she learns that her ex-Jesse (David Pinard) and ex-best friend Beth are going to be there. Liam (Tim Rozon) is the new manager of the inn and really wants to show Alex the wonders of a Christmas in Switzerland but is love included in the tour?  Also starring Alexander Bisping, Zayn Maloney, Raphael Grosz-Harvey and Amanda Ip.

If it is a little country you are looking for then A COUNTRY CHRISTMAS HARMONY might lift your spirits. Country music star Chrissy (Brooke Elliot) is from a small town and she got her big dreams. Her manager sets up a concert set in her hometown and she isn’t sure this is all such a good idea. Once home, she runs into ex-boyfriend Luke (Brandon Quinn) who is still holding onto some resentment since Chrissy walked away from what once was a musical duo. The snow is whipping up outside and they are locked down on Luke’s ranch. Is the concert going to happen? Does this time of year bring forgiveness and a little bit of love? Also starring Ann Walker, Danny Pintauro, Chris Gann, Caden Dragomer, Bradley Dodds and Nikki Crawford.

Bringing the holidays to the Onota Theatre stage, A SHOW-STOPPING CHRISTMAS tells the story of Riley (Jamie Perez) who is the director of the theatre and preparing for a holiday show. Regina (Maureen Keiller) owns the building and decides its time to sell it. Star Sam Palmer is cast as Bob Cratchit in Riley’s production of A Christmas Carol and he is hoping that the magic of the season will change Regina’s mind before its too late. Also starring Thomas McDonell, Caroline Portu, Robert Walsh, Paul Melendy and Junior Cius.


But if you need more than twelve days of holiday love and cheer, well, then Lifetime brings twelve more films in A VERY MERRY MOVIE COLLECTION Volume 6.

Harper has created a program called SIX DEGREES OF SANTA with a unique idea of giving a gift, using it for a bit and then regifting as it goes along again and again. When a gift from Harper is given to Jason, he believes that he might have just found his person and that’s a really personal gift. He has decided that to do this Jason must go to the creator of the program to get the information he needs. Will he discover that Harper is his Secret Santa? Starring Kathryn David, Steve Lund, Catherine Davis, Kimberly Huie, Alex Jade, Charlie Ebbs and Ainara Alleyne.

When Billy Holiday (Mario Lopez) is fired from his job on a hit dance television series with STEPPIN’ INTO THE HOLIDAY, he decides to go home. Meeting his nephew’s dance teacher Rae (Jana Kramer), he learns she is planning a recital and all the money goes to taking her students to Broadway. This is where Billy shines being a former Broadway performer and he volunteers. Rae takes him up on the offer and they bring back a local town tradition of a talent show. Nothing wrong with talent and love making a holiday connection! Starring Terri Hoyos, Carla Jiminez, Enzo Rodriguez, Courtney Mazza Mario Cantone, Cheri Oteri, Stefanie Black and Alicia Haymer.

Inside a lovely church on Christmas Eve are heart-broken parishioners who have learned that their holiday concert has been cancelled in KIRK FRANKLIN’S THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS. Out in the blizzard is Journee (Naturi Naughton) and Nia (Lorea Turner) who get to the church to wait out the storm. Meeting the pastor, Adam (Luke James), who brings the music, miracle of faith, hope, love, understanding and reconciliation happen inside the church. Nothing is going to stop the Christmas music from being louder and more powerful than the storm outside. Also starring Loren Lott, Kirk Franklin, Nijah Brenea and Aspen Kennedy.

The Christmas Queen Ashley (Brittany Bristow) loves the holidays in WRAPPED UP IN LOVE, and it shows from craft making to Christmas sweater competitions. Having been the center of the holidays, she is about to be put off kilter when Ken (Olivier Renaud) roles into town who loves the holidays as much. Ashley begins to feel the green-eyed jealousy monster creep into her ho-ho-holiday dreams until she has to make a decision about whether she wants to remain a solo queen or have a king and be the couple who loves Christmas

Helping to run a very successful toy company, it is hard for Emma (Natasha Wilson) to actually feel Christmas since she lives it all year round in SINGLE AND READY TO JINGLE. She also doesn’t have time to find that special person to spend the holidays with because she is so busy. Deciding it’s time for a tropical holiday, Emma decides its best for a little non-Christmas time at a resort. Assistant Lucy books the time but Emma ends up not at a swanky resort with guys everywhere but a town that is all about Christmas and a guy named Connor (Edward Ruttle). Also starring Eva Tavares, Jimmy MacDonald, Crystal Tisiga, Lynn Whyte and Beth Fotheringham. 

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The Vol. 5 set includes Cloudy with a Chance of Christmas, Merry Textmas, Merry Swissmass, A Country Christmas Harmony, A Show-Stopping Christmas, Serving Up the Holidays, Scentsational Christmas, The Holiday Dating Guide, Sweet Navidad, A New Orleans Noel, Well Suited for Christmas, and Merry Liddle Christmas.

The Vol. 6 set includes Six Degrees of Santa, Steppin’ Into The Holiday, Kirk Franklin’s The Night Before Christmas, Wrapped Up In Love, Single And Ready to Jingle, The Dogs Days Of Christmas, Christmas on Mistletoe Lake, Record Breaking Christmas, Baking All The Way, A Recipe For Joy, A Christmas To Treasure and Merry Little Christmas Wedding.

Lifetime has always brought some of the most charming, lovely, funny, and thought-provoking stories and that is why the channel is so successful. The holidays are one of my most favorite times of the year and to share it with the Lifetime films is going to make twenty-four holly-days so much more fun.

If you are looking for a fun way to choose which film to watch, do what we do, put all the names in a bowl, mix them up and pull a name! Sending special invitations to all the ladies who, well, love love and get the goodie tray prepared with holiday treats of all kinds and settle in for twenty-four evenings of fun.

In the end – it is 24 wonderful days of holiday love!



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