Coming to theatres and On Demand from writer/director Roger Avary and Lionsgate is the patience of revenge on a LUCKY DAY.

Red (Luke Bracey) has just spent a long stint in jail and is about ready to go home. Waiting is wife Chloe (Nina Dobrev) and daughter Beatrice (Ella Quinn). Chloe has been keeping the family afloat with advance funds from her artwork that’s about to be shown at a gallery but Red tells her it’s time for him to take over the family finances.

Meeting up the best buddy Le Roy (Cle Bennett) they chat up old times but are interrupted by a very earnest and tough Parole Officer Ernesto Sanchez (Clifton Collins Jr.). He makes it known that if Red puts one toe out of line he’ll be back behind bars. Good thing he didn’t look in the basement as Red’s money problems are over.

There is another problem he doesn’t see coming! A very French Luc (Crispin Glover) is looking for Red. Seems he has a score to settle and nothing or no one is going to get in his very French way.

It’s a race to the finish to find out who lives, who gets a lesson from Luc and just wanting to start life all over again!

Bracey as Red is just thrilled to finally be home. Wanting to set up his life again he doesn’t stop to rest on his freedom but instead tries to get the financial ball moving with a little secret that’s been waiting for him. Bracey is charming, fast talking and is a very different kind of family man. Dobrev as Chloe has become use to her husband’s antics and can’t help but love the guy. It’s a bad boy thing I’m thinking and who is going to get mad at her for that? There is a sense of humor behind Dobrev’s performance that is subtle and adds to her character.

Quinn as daughter Bumblebee is sweet natured and goes with the flow of her father finally landing at home (you’ll understand that in the first five minutes of the film). She sees more than her young years should see but that probably explains her steadiness when things start to go a little crazy.

Bennett as Le Roy (and I’m spelling it the way he’d want it) has been waiting for Red to return. Feeling as if he owes his friend a lot, he is caught up in the chaos just as quickly as it shows up at the door.

The two characters that are completely insane are Clifton Jr. as Parole Officer Sanchez and Glover as Frenchman Luc. First, Clifton Jr. as Sanchez is completely out of control taking his job so serious I wonder if he doesn’t need a vacation under a palm tree with a margarita for about, oh say, six months! His intensity is on his face taking his job very seriously. Then there is Glover as Luc who is insane about his French-ness and takes whatever strikes his fancy – including people. He is straight forward and on a mission of revenge and if I saw him coming I’d head the other way for sure!

Other cast include David Hewlett as Derrek Blarney, Nadia Fares as Lolita, Tomer Sisley as Jean-Jacques, Mark Dacascos as Louis, Roberto Campanella as Pierre, Gabriella Graham as Sabine, Josie Ho as Mrs. Kok, Darrin Baker as Officer Lundquist and Scott Faulconbridge as Officer McClane.

LUCKY DAY is a story about a man paying his debt to society (sort of), wanting to take care of his family and reconnecting with everything around him. Of course that means even if he promised his wife to behave, he’s going to have to dip his life into his past to propel him into the non-criminal future.

The film is fast paced so don’t expect there to be a lull in the story. I mean the man has been out a day and already has two people hot on his trail whether to keep him straight or dealing with revenge. Director Avary is also responsible for co-writing PULP FICTION and producing TRUE ROMANCE so you know exactly what you are getting with LUCKY DAY.

In the end – it is his lucky day!



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