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Coming to Bluray, DVD and Digital from director Kat Coiro and Universal Pictures Home Entertainment is what happens when you hold up a sign that says MARRY ME.

Kat Valdez (Jennifer Lopez) is a mega-superstar who has recorded the song Marry Me with her fiancé Bastian (Maluma). Now, they have decided to actually marry at a concert and gives twenty million fans a glimpse of glamor. But right before the ‘I do’s’, a breaking news story sets in motion a surprise that the world could not have seen coming.

Out in the audience is Math teacher Charlie Gilbert (Owen Wilson), teenage daughter Lou (Chloe Coleman) and friend Parker (Sarah Silverman). He has a sign that says, ‘Marry Me’ and once Kat sets her sights on it, she agrees in front of everyone. Coming to the stage, Charlie sees that Kat is devastated but goes along with the ceremony.

Now, Kat is a married woman and manager Collin (John Bradley) has to figure out how to handle the press aspect of the shock. Everyone else is thrilled for Charlie but he admits that he really does not know much about Kat or her music. On a whirlwind media frenzy, Charlie does what he can, but he is a dedicated schoolteacher and makes it clear nothing comes before that.

That is when Kat decides to learn about Charlie’s life and finds that she is truly interested in it. The two become close and there seems to be a true match, that is until Bastian comes back into her life and Charlie doubts he truly has a place in her life.

Music and love need to find a way!

Lopez as Kat gives us the rom-com she has been famous for over the years. Once again, a character looking for love in the midst of her half-eye closed pouty lip whispers of how sad she is. This is not a stretch for Lopez, she followed the formula to the letter.

Wilson as Charlie also gets to stay with the formula of being that average Joe who just happened to be at a concert and – well got married. What I will give Wilson is the characters dedication to the students before any of the glitz and glamor nonsense that came along with getting weirdly married. The equal love for daughter Lou and her needing special attention is also a passing grade for Wilson’s character.

Bradley as Collin is the manager that manages everything, including disasters brought on by this unusual wedding. Running around to make wrong things right, Kat marrying Charlie is something he cannot control. It is nice to see Bradley try different roles, and this is his second film release in two weeks.

Silverman as Parker was relatively annoying throughout the film, but she got the chance to throw out one-liners and be the protective friend to Charlie. Coleman as daughter Lou is thrilled that her father has married the pop superstar and comes out of her shell a bit as the days pass. This actress is very sweet and plays opposite Wilson like a pro.

Other cast include Utkarsh Ambudkar as Coach Manny, Brady Noon as George, Stephen Wallem as Jonathan Pitts, Katrina Cunningham as Tyra and Jimmy Fallon as himself.

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Bonus Features include Deleted Scenes, Gag Reel, Jennifer Unveiled, Behind the Camera: The Making of MARRY ME, Turn It Up: The Music of MARRY ME, Live at Madison Square Garden, Married With Style, “On My Way” Lyric Video and Feature Commentary – with Director Kat Coiro and Producer Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas.

MARRY ME is a bit like walking down memory lane of several rom-coms. The snapping of the expensive jewelry box a la PRETTY WOMAN starts off my eye rolling. The first stage performance gives an ode to LIKE A PRAYER nunnery mischief with an added feature of IF I COULD TURN BACK TIME privates-strapping outfit.

The character of Kat being married four times, I’m sure Lopez can easily relate to that herself. Her ‘Queen of the Night’ costuming is surrounded by a song that’s lyrics are repetitive, and again repetitive. I probably could have learned the song in the same take, but my brain cannot do it (i.e. ‘marry me, marry me’ and ‘ring, ring, ring, sing, sing, sing’)

There comes a point where I felt as if I was watching MAID IN MANHATTAN in reverse with an ending that was reminiscent of WHEN HARRY MET SALLY. So, basically, I felt like the writers just decided to pull all the rom-coms out of the value and steal pieces here and there.

All of this being said, it was not the most nauseating rom-com that I have seen. It is a formula film with two actors who have made their mark in that genre. It has its moments that bring a grin and a few one liners of wit. Would it make me run to the theatres? Not really, this is more of a rainy-day Saturday curled up channel flicking film.

But, with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, there are those looking for a bit of romance, a bit of music and a reason to be back in the theatre seat. Lopez and Owen are charming and that says a lot for the film.

In the end – just marry me!



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