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Coming to 4K Ultra HD, Bluray and Digital from director Barry Sonnenfeld and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is the awesome Steelbook 25th Anniversary of MEN IN BLACK.

James Edwards (Will Smith) is a NYPD officer who loves going after the bad guys and this time it’s a freaky chase all the way to the Guggenheim. Trying to explain what happened to the perp, his questioning is interrupted by a man named K (Tommy Lee Jones) and the next thing James knows, he’s eating pie.

Giving him a card, he instructs him to show up at MIB headquarters the next morning to see what its all about. Explaining they are a secret agency that polices aliens using all sorts of extraterrestrial technology, James is all in. What that means is James is going to become Agent J and will be erased from all records.

Of course, across town, so to speak, is farmer Edgar (Vincent D’Onofrio) who has just had something bizarre land in his yard. Checking it out, he becomes an ‘Edgar suit’ for an alien who has an odd need for sugar. It also goes on a spree taking out two aliens disguised as humans and they are taken to the morgue. There Agents K and J meet the coroner Laurel (Linda Fiorentino) and they discover a little dude inside the big dudes head!

Now they know that the bug-Edgar is looking for the galaxy on Orion’s Belt, the race of Arquillians have placed a warship near earth giving them an ultimatum. That puts Agents K and J square in the middle of the potential for a galactic war. But then again, that’s what bug-Edgar wants!

Finding an escape in the 1964 New York World’s Fair Pavilion, the big guns are going to be needed. In the trunk of Agent K’s ultimate in sleek cars, Agent J finds something to suit their purposes because – they are the Men in Black!

Jones as Agent K is a straight faced and extremely serious employee who does not have time to joke around. He gets his alien (even if one time he might have had a slip) every time and takes the purpose of the MIB very, very seriously. That all being said, he does crack me up a little and is completely charming in a twisted sort of way.

Smith as Agent J is the wise-cracking one of the duo and he keeps K on his toes. Wanting to learn everything quickly, he does make a few mistakes and discovers that perhaps this was not his first go around on things. The ‘memory flashy thingie’ becomes something he is eager to use without realizing it has been used on him – a lot.

D’Onofrio as the Edgar-bug is hilarious from beginning to end. He has his own one-liners and zinger defenses that are pretty darn cool. His driving skills are a bit off and he needs to lay off the sugar but all in all a memorable character.

Fiorentino as Laurel is the coroner that gets herself in a little deeper than Agents K and J would have liked. Her role would become stronger and stronger as the story goes along as she finds herself dealing with the Men in Black.

Shout out to Rip Torn as Chief Zed because I absolutely loved him in this role because he makes the same faces I did when my kids were teens driving me nuts while I tried to keep it together.

Other casts include Becky Ann Baker as Mrs. Redgick, Carel Struycken as Arquillian, Richard Hamilton as Agent D, Jon Gries as Nick, Mike Nussbaum as Gentle Rosenberg, John Alexander as Mikey, Patrick Breen as Mr. Redgick, Siobhan Fallon Hogan as Beatrice and Tony Shalhoub as Jack Jeebs.

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Special Features include on 4K Ultra HD Notes from the Director’s Chair Featurette and Designing MEN IN BLACK Featurette. Blu-ray Disc include Telestrator Commentary with Director Barry Sonnenfeld and Tommy Lee Jones, Technical Commentary with Barry Sonnenfeld, Rick Baker and Industrial Lights and Magic Team, Extended & Alternate Scenes, Metamorphosis of MEN IN BLACK Documentary, Original Featurette, Scene Editing Workshop, Storyboard Comparisons, Galleries, Music Video and Original Theatrical and Trailer Releases.

MEN IN BLACK hit theatres in 1997 and took off for the stratosphere! It is not only a fun film but it is funny, well hilarious actually, and just a good time watching the big screen. I remember taking my kids (now grown) to see it for the first time and we saw it several times after that.

When it came out on VHS – google it kiddies – the kid had to have it in their collection. Wearing that poor tape out does not even cover it. But, every time we watched, it was together as a family and we always laughed like crazy.

Now, it is time for the grandchildren to have as much fun and still watch it as a family. Get that popcorn popped, get the couch all comfy, turn down the lights and even turn on the sound bar and prepare for one of the most iconic films ever. Memorable characters, a fantastic cast and lines that are recognizable and repeatable even today. Happy Anniversary MIB!

In the end – it is all in an Earth day at work!



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