Military families, occupational therapists, and physical therapists in the Southern California region are breathing a collective sigh of relief after being introduced to Miracle Belts.

Matt Bruback, creator of Miracle Belts reached out to support military families impacted by Autism in the California area, with an affinity for the area as a former player for the San Diego Padres. Military families with children on the autism spectrum often do not have adequate insurance coverage for certain therapies and quality of life supports, such as special equipment.

Miracle Belts are weighted belts that are worn around the waist. Families and service providers have reported that after short usage of the belts individuals diagnosed on the autism spectrum and with ADHD have demonstrated greater self-calming abilities, improved focus, reduced hyperactivity, improved balance, increased body awareness which promotes functioning “in the now”—a huge obstacle for children with sensory processing and hyperactivity disorders.

The utility of the belt is more convenient and less cumbersome than weighted vests or blankets and instill a greater sense of belonging, as normal activities may be conducted while wearing the belts. Families and providers agree that the belts have earned their name, as “miraculous behaviors” are noted across the board.

The Miracle Belt & Sensory Belt will continue its support of military families, by offering a 10% discount to military families impacted by autism. Discount Code: Military



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