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It is about time there was a film about a father that is not about to let his daughter go without a fight! From writer/director Eric Ustain and Third City Entertainment is a story about a Dad shouting from the rafters that MOST GUYS ARE LOSERS.

Bo (Michael Provost) and Sandy (Grace Fulton) have been living together for a while and are embarking on the next step of meeting each other’s parents. First up, Bo’s Mom who just happens to be in business for herself as a grower of marijuana. She absolutely adores Sandy and knows that Bo has been invited to spent Thanksgiving with her family in Chicago.

Wanting the best for Bo, Mom tells him to go meet her parents. That is when Sandy lets Bo know that her father is the best-selling author of the book Most Guys Are Losers. Bo tries to brush up on the flight home and puts on his game face to meet the parents. Dad Mark (Andy Buckley) already has a list of complaints and Bo is not even in the house yet. Mom Amy (Mira Sorvino) wants her husband to give the guy a chance, but it goes in one ear and out the other.

Immediately Mark is giving Bo the Dad-stink-eye and he even has gone as far as to bring old boyfriend Trevor (Belmont Cameli) around. At the family bar, Mark and friend Al (Keith David) watch to see what transpires between the two. With every sentence that comes out of his friends’ mouth, Al is sure this is going to be trouble.

What Al does not know is that Mark has his young son Paul (Sander Thomas) getting into Bo’s personal social media and anything else he can get his hands on to get the dirt. Confronted with one thing after another, Mark is even more determined to get Bo out of his daughters’ life. What Mark doesn’t count on is that he is so laser focused on Sandy that he doesn’t see what is right in front of him.

And it could cost him!

Fulton as Sandy wants to be a woman making her own choices based on how she was raised yet, there is still the little girl who wants to please Mom and Dad – especially Dad. But even pleasing a parent might mean putting one’s foot down when it comes to happiness. Provost as Bo is a young man who is extremely nervous about what Sandy will think of his mother but more so about what her Dad will do. I must be honest, if my daughter brought home someone as sweet as Bo, I could never put him through the ringer.

Buckley as Mark is a father on a rampage to live up to the words he wrote in the book. The problem is that he does not seem to think he was once thought of in the same way in his wife’s father’s eyes. The trouble he causes puts the family through a lot and he must come clean about it all if he wants them to shake their heads and giggle at his antics. Sorvino as Amy is lovely in this role trying to keep her husband for making mistakes and Sandy happy in her choices.

Shout out to Thomas as Paul – the kid scares me with what he is capable of doing but then again if I wanted info, I’d know who to go to.

Other cast include Avery Moss as Carrie, Andres Rosas as Stephon, Sarah West as Linda, Talen Marshall as Pat, Nick Greco as Barry, Kayla as Rosie, Eliza Stoughton as Jessica, Dee Dee Sorvino as Aunt Dee Dee and Paul Sorvino as Grandpa. 

MOST GUYS ARE LOSERS is a charming look at the relationship between Sandy and her family, especially with Mark being the head of the household. There are antics and things I suspect most fathers want to get away with when it comes to knowing the man their little girl is choosing.

Surrounded by a supportive family, both Bo and Sandy believe in their folks – even if they might embarrass them from time to time. They are solid in their belief in each other and feel good about their choices, but know it is not their folks cup of tea perhaps.

This is a lighthearted tale and can provide such grand entertainment about family, love, and the holidays all meshed into one. So, gather up the family and have a good time learning how to deal with a silly Dad, sweet Mom (both Moms), and the ridiculousness that can come with all of it.

In the end – watch out for Dad!



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