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Premiering on Netflix in an original series from creators David Benioff, D.B. Weiss and Alexander Woo is the fantastical in the story of a 3 BODY PROBLEM.

It is Beijing in 1966 during the Chinese Cultural Revolution when the crowds are cheering on the condemning of professor Ye Zhetai, once highly respected. In the crowd is a daughter Ye Wenjie who watches as her father refuses to deny scientific theories. Even the professors’ one-time students are now against science and pit his own wife against him.

In present day, detectives led by Da Shi (Benedict Wong) makes a shocking discovering in an apartment. A man has taken his own life but it is what they find in his apartment is more shocking than his death. Da Shi has uncovered that at least 30 scientists have been found dead in a months’ time. At the Oxford University Particle Accelerator, Saul Durand (Jovan Adepo) and a colleague Vera are having a discussion on why the science isn’t working and where is God.

Jin (Jess Hong) and friend Auggie (Eiza Gonzalez) are scientists out having a drink and discussing why the accelerators worldwide are not making sense. It is not just their research but experiments all over the world are having the same issues. Auggie can’t help but notice there is something strange in the air, when it finally appears she is shaken and what she sees will not go away.

Jack Rooney (John Bradley) and friend Alex Sharp (Will Downing) are attending a funeral and remembering their friend. Saul, Jin and Auggie are also there and an unexpected guest in Dai Shi. He observes a mysterious guest leaving the service in Mike Evans (Jonathan Pryce) who takes off in an equally mysterious helicopter. The group gathers to talk about old times and what is happening now but Auggie needs air. That’s when she meets a stranger who knows what it is Auggie is going through and taunts her with what can happen at midnight.  

Flashback to 1967 Mongolia as Ye Wenjie (Zine Tseng) is in a work camp where she meets Bai Mulin. Sharing what they can of their lives, things turn difficult for her as those in charge want her to betray others her father knew. Sent to a military base dealing with the Red Coast project, she believes that once inside the gates, she will never leave. Once inside, she witnesses the strange power of a signal sent out and what they are truly doing on the base.

At the Black Palace in London, Da Shi is creating a board filled with names and faces investigating each one. Thomas Wade (Liam Cunningham) discusses what he is finding out about each person in the photos. Jin goes to pay respects to Vera’s mother (Rosalind Chao) and while there, she finds a headset. Vera’s mother tells her to take it believing it to be some video game, when Jin tries it – it is anything but.

It is almost midnight and Auggie asks Saul to go with her to see what the stranger might have been talking about. Looking up at the night sky, what they observe is that the sky is “winking” at them all. But what is it really? Or was it trying to tell them all something larger than they could have ever imagined.

Each has a role to play but what is it to each of them and why – that is what is coming in the 3 BODY PROBLEM!

Wong as Da Shi is a man on a mission to discover how all of these people are connected all while trying to find missing artifacts. A strong presence with a bit of sarcasm thrown in. It will be interesting to watch his role unwrap and what part he plays in the mystery.

Gonzalez as Auggie is the first in the group to discover the internal clock and listens to the mysterious stranger on how to make it stop. Her pressure is on to find out why this is happening and what part her company plays in it. Hong as Jin is the one to discover what Vera’s headset is capable of but it will not be without its dangers and realities. Worrying about Auggie, it doesn’t stop her from jumping into the ‘game’ of the headset.

Tseng as Ye Wenjie is a young woman who is caught up in an era of survival. The loss of her father doesn’t stop the Commission from coming for her as well. Led to the base, she takes it upon herself to learn about what they are doing and makes her own decisions.

Adepo as Saul tries to find answers to the “winking” by covering it up in conspiracy theories. Wanting to just write it off as such, there will come a time when that isn’t going to be possible. Chao as Vera’s mother has her own secrets to tell. Dealing with the death of her daughter, her friends come to pay their respects. Chao gives us past mystery as well as present mystery.

Bradley as Jack decided that being a millionaire candy maker is much more fun than science. That doesn’t mean he still isn’t deep in it when it comes to being with his friend’s pre-candy. I do love when Bradley shows up for a role because I know it will be quirky. Downing as Alex also traded his science life in for that of becoming a teacher. Getting over his romance with Jin is equally as difficult but he has Jack to make him laugh.

Cunningham and Pryce are still the mystery roles that I’m sure will slowly come into play and, since I am a fan of both these actors, I can’t wait to see where their characters go.

Other cast include Marlo Kelly as Tatiana, Sea Shimooka as Sophon, Saamer Usmani as Raj Varma, Gerard Monaco as Collins, John Dagleish as Felix, Stephen Hughes as Anwar Suleiman, Adrian Edmondson as Denys Porlock, Bilal Hasna as Edgar, Ben Schnetzer as young Mike Evans, Aidan Cheng as Reg, and Eve Ridley as Follower.

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Episodes include Countdown (directed by Derek Tsang), Red Coast (Derek Tsang), Destroyer of Worlds (Andrew Stanton), Our Lord (Minkie Spiro), Judgement Day (Minkie Spiro), The Stars Our Destination (Minkie Spiro), Only Advance (Jeremy Podeswa), and Wallfacer (Jeremy Podeswa).

3 BODY PROBLEM starts out stunning and catches the attention right away. That’s an excellent way to start because this is a slow telling which is a fantastic way for the audience to understand each of the characters. Be prepared for flashbacks but know that it is a truly interesting foundation for the story moving ahead.

I love the cast because they work so brilliantly together. Yes, there are a few Game of Thrones faces and a face or two from the superhero world but I’m good with it. Nothing wrong with recognizing the potential of actors going past a series that made them famous. In fact, very smart as a way to bring audiences in!

There is a bit of everything in the series, science fiction, mystery, adventure, a trip through history, gaming, science itself and the constant questioning. That’s about all I am going to tell you because this is a series experience and one that I believe will have people talking for quite some time. Netflix has taken a bold move in bringing something unique and powerful for those craving just that.

With all the remakes boring viewers for entertainment to tears, 3 BODY PROBLEM is the solution to wake them back up! Prepare to be blown away in 8 binge worthy stunning and brilliant episodes of the newest offering for the senses.

In the end – are we in a chaotic era?



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