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Coming to virtual cinemas from director Mark Lamprell and Blue Fox Entertainment comes the story of love that is NEVER TOO LATE.

Caine (Dennis Waterman), Angus (Jack Thompson), Wendell (Roy Billing) and Bronson (James Cromwell), also known as The Chain Breakers were in the military during the Vietnam War and became POWs. After an escape, they each returned home and went their separate ways. The one thing Bronson didn’t forget was the love of his life Norma (Jacki Weaver) and now, fifty years later, he is determined to find her.

Arriving at the Hogan Hills Retirement Home for Returned Veterans, Bronson has himself committed to get close to Norma only to discover she is being temporarily transferred to another facility. Meeting the homes facilitator Lin (Renee Lim), she lets Bronson know that his own doctor believes he should be in Hogan Hills.

Later he meets Elliott (Zachary Wan), a young man who spends his time at the home waiting for his mother to end her shift each day. Elliott recites Bronson’s exploits as part of the Chain Breakers and informs Bronson that his friends are also residents at the home. Bronson is thrilled to seek out his friends and so begins another chance to be part of The Chain Breakers once again – even if they are a tad bit older and slower.

Lin is constantly watching them and every time they are caught there are repercussions but there is a reason for her disapproval. That is not going to stop Bronson from finding Norma and finally making the one thing right that he felt he should have done fifty years ago.

It is time!

Cromwell as Bronson is a man who has finally comes to terms with who he is and what he has missed in his life. Of course, it took him fifty years but what the heck, he takes one look at Norma and he is a young man again. Cromwell is an amazing actor who, in this role, gets a chance to show a softer side while also having a bit of fun with crazy plans all based on love.

Waterman as Caine is happy to see his friend again and having the chance to go on a mission is something that is truly appealing to him. Billing as Wendell has been trying for years to make things right with his grown son but with each returned letter he wonders if it can ever be made right.

Thompson as Wilson will do just about anything to help his friend Bronson. It gives him a sense of purpose until Bronson pushes just a little to hard and Wilson puts his foot down. I have always been a fan of Thompson and in this film, he reminds me why with his wit. Wan as Elliott is a young man who is going through a tough time in his own life. He is thrilled to have these friends of a certain age and enjoys their antics.

Weaver as Norma has spent years moving on without Bronson and now is her chance to find the happiness that was once standing before her on a jetty before the war. Weaver is so small standing next to Cromwell’s Bronson but her heart and eyes are big with memories. Lim as Lin is a woman who isn’t exactly the kind of person I’d want watching over me in a retirement home.

Shout out to Shane Jacobson as Bruce Wendell, he comes in later to the film but his character is one that shows the power of forgiveness.

Other cast include Max Cullen as Hank, Simone Annan as Doctor Kevin, Darren Gilshenan as Marshall, Jai Koutrae as Williams, and Edmund Pegge as Howard.

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NEVER TOO LATE is a film that constantly instills to the viewer that it truly is never too late to chase a dream. It may not be the exact dream that Bronson had fifty years before he left Norma, but it is a powerful and loving dream none the less. In the process of it all, he has the opportunity to reunite with friends who made an impact on his life and help them find their dreams once again.

This is a sweet film that does not sugar coat the life of seniors who have seen a lot, been through a lot and still feel like they have one last chance to have it all. I hope we always feel that way no matter what our age.

In the end – love is not always on time!



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