Two Conservative Black American women speak out about their feelings and why the Democrats are not the party for them.  Throughout the country, impoverished black neighborhoods have been controlled by Democratic politicians.  Education school boards; Democrats; Mayors: Democrats; District Attorneys: Democrats; Police Chiefs: Democrats; Governors: Democrats; Congressional districts: Democrats; and Senators: Democrats.

Stacy Washington, a Conservative Black radio host ( is dumbfounded that Biden and many Democrats say nothing, but are never questioned about solutions. “At the Breakfast Club he uttered the words, ‘you ain’t black’ if they did not vote for him. He essentially claimed ownership of the black vote just because he is a Democrat. Today, Black Americans want to know why they should vote for him. He criticizes President Trump but never provides viable alternatives of what he would do. Democrats feel they own the black vote.”

Kathy Barnette is the author of the book Nothing To Lose, Everything To Gain and is the Republican candidate for Pennsylvania’s 4th District. She echoes the same sentiment as Stacy.  “In my book I wrote how I was like most black people, born into the Democratic Party.  It was never a point of conversation, deliberation, or discussion.  Time and again I voted Democratic.  I don’t remember ever having a thought not to vote that way even though I studied the issues and candidates. But I woke up after growing up in a desperate economic situation.  I had a front row seat on the failed liberal policies that left us exploited and devastated.”

What has become important to Kathy is her life experiences.  At the age of eighteen she joined the military, becoming a part of the CID (criminal investigation detachment) unit.  She was one of the few people who were not from a law enforcement background and the only black person.  “I had heard about police brutality.  For me, as a young black girl, after having spent time with these people I realized the stress and struggles they were under.  With all my life experiences the book written became the journey for me to get off the Democratic plantation.”

She is running for Congress because she looks at the black community as a “microcosm of the failed liberal policies.  This is what is playing out on the streets today.  When you have lived the life I did and the obstacles I have overcome, you make sure not to remain silent. My opponent and Vice-President Biden are just feeble puppets.  The incumbent I am running against is a political social climber.  She got elected on the wave of the 2018 MeTooMovement. It was convenient then for her to say it is all about the women, but now it is no longer just believe the women, but wait for facts.  Puppets do as they are told what to do.  Another example is my opponents ties to China.  Her bike business received 20 million dollars from the Chinese National Party to make bikes there.  Yet, she speaks of a fair wage. She had taken jobs away from Americans and is paying the Chinese people less than $2.”

Stacy told American Thinker, “About 10 to 20 % of those living in the inner cities do the crimes.  Everyone else is running sacred.  The liberal policies of reliance on government instead of locally controlled areas are just bad for everyone.  Law and order are important.”  

Kathy believes in the rule of law.  She does not understand why people support defunding the police considering it is those neighborhoods that need more, not less, police protection. “If someone is breaking into my home, trying to accost me, my children, or my husband and I call 911, will I get a recording of soft music, giving me tips on how to manage my stress? Look at Chicago that recently had 104 shooting incidents.  I am very aware that in the inner city it is hard pressed to find any Conservative thought, competitive thinking, or political diversity.  I talk about it in my book.  When liberals are in control they bring destruction, instability, and violence.  Confusion is their middle name.  The only remedy is to kick them out of office.”

For an example of what is happening, people need to look no further than the Senate police reform legislation that was recently blocked by the Democrats.  Nancy Pelosi said how the Republicans are “trying to get away with murder, actually.” Yet, she and the Democrats ignore the fact that it was put forward by a Republican Black American, Senator Tim Scott. He noted in an email sent out, “These are serious reforms to respond to the serious moment our nation is facing. My (Democratic) colleague from Illinois, Dick Durbin, took to the Senate floor to call my efforts to reform policing in our country a “token process“. Those words hurt me in my soul. Senator Durbin went on to call my bill a “half-hearted approach” to police reform. I don’t know exactly what Senator Durbin meant, but his rhetoric was out of line and represents a divisive moment for our country. As the only African American Republican Senator, I have been leading efforts for years to reform our police on the issues impacting communities of color all across our country. Democrats like Senator Durbin are more interested in scoring political points.”

In the book, Kathy asserts, “Regardless of the party’s policies, its agendas, its platform, its moral decline, or the lack of its community responsiveness, the encoded message is that if you’re black, you must be a Democrat. To do, think, or say otherwise is to reject your own race.  And that is unacceptable.”  She explained, “White liberals go into black communities to tell them what their issues are. White liberals are allowed to take control of the narrative and vocabulary.  Black people should be participating in the discussions.  People should wrap their minds around this manipulation.”

She told American Thinker that she decided to have her campaign participate in the Black Lives Matter protests.  Why? Because she wants to go where the black people are and present some critical thinking.  “I was surrounded by liberals.  I want to present a different option.  The black people, after I was done speaking and talking about my proposal for the Minority Inclusion Act, MIA, ( gave me nothing but ovations.  I will not be bullied into silence. The Democratic goal is not to solve the problems, but to get more power and influence.  To make those they are serving more dependent on them. These white liberals will come out of it winning, while the rest of us have boarded up windows and a devasted economy.  This is my fear for the black community.”

Democrats like Durbin and Pelosi think they know more about what is best for the black community than black Americans like Tim Scott.  Kathy was asked if she thought there is racism in this country as put forward by liberal media and politicians? “I think these liberal white liberals will try to come out of it with more power, control, and manipulation of the narrative.  They want everything covered through the lens of racism, something I talk about in my book.  I do not believe this country is systematically racist. But as I say in my book racism still exists.  Bigotry is real.  Hate is evil. Have I been called the ‘N word?’ Yes! I am the children’s children of those who were bred for a business strategy, have had their children taken away and sold to the highest bidder, have had to take a literacy test to vote, or forced to live in a particular neighborhood. My great great grandmother was a slave.”

She went on to say, “toppling statues, and renaming buildings does absolutely nothing to improve my life.  These statues are like markers of where we are and where we were at that level of time.  Let it add to the level of understanding.  No one is building, but destroying.  They should not be destroyed because they serve as a reminder. Markers in time show us where we were, how far we’ve come, and where we are going.”

Kathy wants Americans to understand, “This nation is not perfect or complete, but is moving in the right path.  We do have to grow and improve. I love America, my nation, and want to see everyone do well and succeed in life.  I am on a mission.  My nation that I love is on fire.  We need better options.  Every time I hear the National Anthem I cry.  We need to see the good, the bad, and the ugly.  The Constitution is an amazing document.  We need to raise the bar of expectation, to reach above ourselves as our Forefathers did. I want to see a better tomorrow with an obligation to live well. This is a nation that is willing to right its wrong.”



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