Throughout American history, the brave men and women of our armed forces have returned home after their tour(s) of duty only to find that civilian life is drastically different from their career life in the military. This realization has been endured by those returning from both World Wars, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and the period beginning with the Persian Gulf Conflict through to present deployments. While we appreciate and honor our veterans serving our country and returning home unharmed, we at The American College want to help them transition to a fruitful and fulfilling life out of the military.

As a nation, we owe a personal debt of gratitude to every veteran. These men and women safeguard our nation, our freedoms and way of life. Veterans, and their family members, often make tremendous personal sacrifices to defend this nation and uphold liberty throughout the world. They miss important milestones in the development of their children. They take time out from their jobs to serve their country. Sometimes they pay for our freedom with their limbs, their peace of mind, or even their lives.
We should, at the very least, offer them an opportunity for a fruitful and fulfilling life out of the military once their tour is over.

So, what resources exist to help veterans as they transition into the civilian workplace and to develop their talents and skills? The Department of Defense provides programs and support to veterans who seek help with their job search—but in many cases, these offerings may just not be enough, or may not be a good fit for the individual. With the restrictions of recent sequestration our active duty personnel in some branches no longer have this option.

Newly formed by the Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company, in conjunction with The American College, The Penn Mutual Center for Veterans Affairs offers exceptional scholarship opportunities, and eventually job placement, for our veterans and their spouses. The Center is committed to providing military scholarships that cover the tuition cost of prestigious designations or Master’s Degree programs offered by The College. This opportunity is unmatched in the financial services industry. The Center is also a valuable resource to industry companies—which can easily obtain information about the services and scholarships offered.

While many sectors of our economy continue to struggle, the financial services industry is currently looking to hire returning veterans at an unprecedented pace. Veterans possess a variety of personal attributes that make them attractive candidates for positions within financial services organizations. The advantages a career in financial services offers veterans make it a career worth considering. Being the leader in financial services education, The American College offers a wide range of educational programs in various insurance and financial services areas, including: retirement planning, estate planning, health care, life insurance underwriting, risk management, philanthropy, leadership development and employee benefits. Many military personnel are well suited, through the training they received while serving, for occupations that are matched to various positions in Human Resources, Banking, Accounting, Legal, Finance and Insurance roles. With the additional education obtained through these scholarships, the goal of civilian career success is easily within reach.

If you are a returning veteran, you have served this country well. Your selfless devotion to protecting others means you deserve an opportunity to get a good job. Let The American College help you achieve the American dream. The Penn Mutual Center for Veterans Affairs is now here for the betterment of your career! Help your College help you, and those who risk their lives for each of us to have the freedoms we enjoy, through scholarships and support for these courageous men and women.

Learn More about The Penn Mutual Center at or call Anthony “Tony” Boquet, Executive Director at (610) 457-4176

For more information about The American College, visit:, or call: 888-263-7265.



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