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Currently on Bluray, DVD and On Demand from writer/director Evan Spiliotopoulos and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment comes unsuspecting faith in THE UNHOLY.

Gerry Fenn (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is a reporter who is on the outs because of something he did years ago. Trying to find a good story to cover, he arrives in the town of Banfield, Massachusetts to hear about strange activity in a field next to the local church taken care of by Father Hagan (William Sadler). While in the field, Fenn finds a doll and after he is told what it is, decides to step on it.

Preparing to leave town at night thinking there is nothing worth covering, he almost hits young Alice (Cricket Brown) on the road. Following her, he witnesses her speaking to a tree in the middle of the field. Taking her to the church, he learns Father Hagan is Alice’s uncle and that the girl is deaf.

That is the first miracle that starts to bring people to see Alice and also catches the attention of those who need to witness it all to be able to call is a true miracle. Bishop Byles (Cary Elwes) and Delgarde (Diogo Morgado) become involved when Alice says that Mary is a beautiful woman in white robes who want the people to come and believe in her, but Alice also performs healings that become newsworthy.    

But Fenn begins to see something is not quite as it should be and does what a good reporter would do, dig into the history of the town and discovers it is dark and filled with stories that have brought something evil out – and who is responsible!

Fenn and Alice must stop the unholy!

Morgan as Fenn is a man who has all but ruined his career by a bad choice. Finding himself in cow-pattied Banfield, he does not expect the story to pan out. It is when he meets Alice and becomes part of the story himself in a way does he get excited to revive his career. Morgan gives us the charming smile we have come to know but no Neegan bat to forcing us want to follow the story. Instead, Fenn does what we would do – follow the story to its conclusion no matter what it takes.

Brown as Alice is a young woman who gets the chance to see life differently because of her seeing Mary and helping the sick. She honestly believes in everything she is doing and becomes friends with Fenn trusting that he sees the good that can be done by bringing the people to Mary. Brown gives her character an air of innocence and wonder and yet when it comes to protecting those she has brought together, Brown sticks to her characters faith.

Sadler as Hagan has his life invested in his young niece and gets the feeling that what is happening is not exactly heavenly sent. No matter how much Alice tries to convince him, he takes it up on himself seek answers. Morgado as Delgarde may not believe in the beginning but that is his job, and his job is about to get tougher. Elwes as Byles is a bishop that has only one thing on his mind, the flock that can give him cred with the church and is kind of creepy himself.

Shout out to Katie Aselton as Natalie Gates, a character that should have had a more specific story for her character but is a friend to Alice and cares about the community of Banfield.

Other cast include Bates Wilder as Geary, Christine Adamas as Monica Slade, Dustin Tucker as Dan Walsh, Gisela Chipe as Sophia Walsh and Marina Mazepa as Mary of Elnor.

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THE UNHOLY is a combination of creepy and pretty cool visual effects. This is the type of film where you turn off all the lights, make sure the home screen is huge and dive right into a Friday night creep show. These are the best types of movies for that and THE UNHOLY gets to take top spot on the horror film binge party pile.

Everything I love about horror films is in THE UNHOLY. I am a fan of slow story presenting, spooky things happening that are not directly in-your-face and characters taking a chance on getting in evil’s face, so this film had me wide eyed and popcorn eating from beginning to end.

In the end – be careful who you pray to!



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