President’s ignorance fails us

What we have here, Mr. President, is a “failure to communicate,” and the sad part is he doesn’t feel that he has to! It’s quite clear that President Obama has not just failed us as our president, but he’s really delusional.

He actually believes that if he could run for a third term he would become a three-term president.

Not only do we have more unemployment, more poverty, more people on welfare, more illegal immigrants and more companies moving out of the U.S., many more countries no longer believe in America’s strength as the world leader.

Mr. Obama has unquestionably become one of the worst presidents in our history. We’ve lost worldwide respect and gained more enemies in the Middle East than ever before. He’s proven that he has no idea how to run our country.

I said this before and I’ll say it again: If Mr. Obama was not a black man he would have been impeached for ignoring and instituting his own ideologies in place of the Constitution.

Before anyone wants to say that I’m a racist, I was a supporter of Herman Cain in our last election for president. Just as I now support Dr. Ben Carson — not because of the color of their skin, but I believe that they have the ability to run our nation and have stated their support of our Constitution.

President Obama in an interview on “60 Minutes” got very upset with Steve Croft (a reporter he once was friends with) when Croft said that Vladimir Putin not only challenged President Obama, but actually has taken over as the major power in the Middle East. Mr. Putin has taken over the Crimea, a part of Western Ukraine, and has men and equipment in Syria. He also has Iran as an ally, and Iran has their military in Iraq with military equipment provided by Russia.

Mr. Obama has openly discussed his disdain for Israel, which has always been the United States’ strongest ally in the Middle East.

It would be easy to show hatred for President Obama’s inability to make the proper decisions for the United States, but it’s easier to show pity on his ignorance and lack of ability to protect our Constitution and we the people!



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