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Coming to Bluray from director Patrick Wilson and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is the next installment of a horror that is following a family with INSIDIOUS: The Red Door.

It has been nine years since the Lambert’s household was dealing with the terror that struck their home and family. Neither Josh (Patrick Wilson) or his son Dalton (Ty Simpkins) remember what happened but that hasn’t stopped the trauma. Since then, Josh and Renai (Rose Byrne) are divorced and the death of his mother Lorraine has caused even more strain.

Josh’s relationship with Dalton just doesn’t seem to work but dad wants to take Dalton to college. Thinking it would be an opportunity for them to bond, father and son only end their trip with an argument. Dalton is an art major and in college he gets the chance to really create. He also meets a new friend, Chris (Sinclair Daniel) who is funny and has a way with people.

Once home, Josh decides to get help for what is happening to him, especially when a mysterious man seems to be haunting him. In the meantime, Dalton begins his art class and a dark and intense drawing starts to cause him to see things as well. Both father and son do not realize that they are experiencing the same thing.

Chris figures out what is happening to Dalton and shares her suspicions. She becomes involved more and more as her life is in danger as well. Once Renai explains to Josh what she knows about it all, it is time for Josh and Dalton to stop ‘the Further’ from becoming part of their lives again.

They must find a way to close the red door!

Wilson as Josh cannot seem to figure out what is happening to him. The losses in his life have become part of the problem yet there is something nagging at him. There is something deep pushing him and it is running his life. So much so that he has little to do with a family he once held so dear. Wilson hasn’t skipped a beat portraying Josh and taking on the director’s role, he knows how the story needs to come together and it works really, really well.

Simpkins is back as the college bound Josh who, if he only really talked to his dad, would see that both are experiencing the same thing. When he realizes his art is telling him what is about to happen, it is also telling him about a past he has forgotten and a way to stop more pain from his family. It is great to see Simpkins come back so many years later to take the role once again and see where it could go.

Daniel as Chris begins to see what her new friend is going through and wants to help. It is her curiosity that leads to a YouTube video explaining what Dalton is experiencing. Chris has a way about her and Daniel makes it look smooth as silk, even when she is caught in it herself.

Byrne is back as Renai and she has her own story to tell. Hoping that the lid was put on the events nine years ago, there comes a point when the lid has to come off if she is to save both the man she truly cares about and her son. Byrne’s role is not a large but it is important to the story.

Other cast include Hiam Abbass as Profressor Armagan, Andrew Astor as Foster Lambert, Juliana Davies as Kali, Steve Coulter as Carl, Peter Dager as Nick, Justin Sturgis as Alec, Leigh Whannell as Specs, Angus Sampson as Tucker, Lin Shaye as Elise Rainier and Joseph Bishara as the Lipstick-Face Demon.

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Special Features include Past, Present, Further and A Possessed Director.

INSIDIOUS: The Red Door takes one more look at what could happen when you keep secrets in the family. Wilson knew exactly what he was signing up for when deciding to direct as well as reprise his role as Josh. The equal amount of time to both Josh and Dalton’s journey is done very well.

I will admit that I jumped at least twice and hollered at least three times and that’s how I know this film is good. It is not filled with gore and such but instead it reaches into the part of us that loves tension and can’t wait to be scared. I spent more time with popcorn on the outer reaches of my mouth than actually made it in and the circle of popcorn that made it to the floor when I jumped!

If you are looking to revisit the Lambert family, see where they are now and how it will all turn out, then grab a bunch of scary film fans, turn out the lights and make it a night to remember.

In the end – it ends were it all began!



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