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Coming from infamous director Eli Roth and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment comes a serving up of the bloody kind on THANKSGIVING.

It’s the holiday season in Plymouth, Massachusetts and a time for family gathering and good food. That is unless you own the local RightMart store that is having a Black Friday sale. Jessica’s (Nell Verlaque) knows all to well of the chaos as her father Thomas (Rick Hoffman) owns the store. Store manager Mitch (Ty Victor Olsson) has missed his family’s dinner to run to the store and handle the out-of-control crowd.

Jessica takes boyfriend Bobby (Jalen Brooks) and friends Evan (Tomaso Sanelli), Yulia (Jenna Warren), Scuba (Gabriel Davenport) and Evan through a side store door but see what is happening outside. When the people outside see them, it causes a break through the store doors and the horror is captured, posted on social media and Bobby disappears.

A year later, RightMart is having another Black Friday sale and residents are not happy about it, especially Mitch. Jessica, new boyfriend Ryan (Milo Manheim) and friends wake up to be tagged in a social media post. It is eerie with a photo of a well-set Thanksgiving table with their names on the plate tags. Not long after, murder begins to happen in their small town by someone in a John Carver mask.

Sheriff Eric Newlon (Patrick Dempsey) is on the case and knows everyone that is involved in the posting. He tries to reassure everyone that he is following all leads. As the killings continue, Jessica and Bobby try to figure out what is causing it all. From axes to buzzsaws, it leads them ever closer to who is responsible for tearing up their Thanksgiving once again.

Verlaque as Jessica is a young woman dealing with a future step-mother, a father who has checked out a bit and a boyfriend who has disappeared. A year after the incident, Jessica is trying to live a normal life with very little success. When Bobby reappears, she is confused but that doesn’t last as the killings begin. Verlaque gives a strong female role but that doesn’t mean horror is put on the back burner.

Brooks as Bobby is dealing with his own serious trauma from the RightMart tragedy. Coming home Brooks’ character Bobby wants the chance to make things right with Jessica. That gets put on hold when he also wants to find out who is killing off everyone from the tragedy. Manheim as Ryan is the show off of the group and the loudest which isn’t the smartest thing if you are trying to avoid an axe murderer.

Dempsey as the town sheriff knows the families and kids involved. He makes it clear that he wants to find the killer. Dempsey definetly fits the look of a town law man as he navigates trying to put the pieces together of why anyone would kill in such a cruel manner.

Other cast include Addison Rae as Gaby, Tim Dillon as Manny, Russell Yuen as Peter Chu, Derek McGrath as Mayor Cantin, Jeff Teravainen as Bret Labelle, Joe Delfin as McCarty, Karen Cliché as Kathleen, Gina Gershon as Amanda Collins and Adam MacDonald as the voice of John Carver.

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THANKSGIVING puts the gore in horror and doesn’t forget to add bits of twisted humor, the reality of Black Friday store shopping and plenty of ‘who-dun’ it’. Roth puts it all in a shaker and, like blood splatter, throws it up against the wall to see what it will look like. There is nothing left to the imagination and a few creative bits of gruesome that I hadn’t even considered, well done Mr. Roth.

My family loves Thanksgiving, the preparation, eating but not so much the clean-up. So, we find a way to distract ourselves from it and watch a some of our favorite movies. We are always looking for new and interesting additions and are quite picky. There should be no surprise to anyone who knows us as a family that ‘feel good rom-coms’ are not on the list. THANKSGIVING is now the top of our list!

There was cheering, groaning, laughing – you know, all the inappropriate reactions to a good horror film. That makes Roth practically family!

In the end – this year there will be no leftovers!



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