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Samsam (voiced by Isaac Lobe-Lebel) is a young kid who happens to live on an unusual planet and his favorite thing is hanging out with his friends. Many of them have powers but Samsam has not come into his own yet. It causes Samsam even more distress when he hears his parents wondering if he is one of them.

Then there is Mega (Lior Chabbat) and she isn’t happy being trapped in by a safety zone. Learning what it means to be a friend, she discovers also that there are super beings in their universe. Her father is actually King Marchien (Jeremy Prevost) and mother opera singer Madame Chol (Leovanie Raud). They argue between sending Mega to opera school or dictator school and she uses her kid smarts to make them both happy.

Arriving at Cosmic Hero School, Mega introduces herself as Megalactic and Samsam is the first to greet her. The kids are impressed with her spaceship but question what her powers might be. Samsam and Megalactic hit it off immediately and a friend bargain is struck – Samsam will help Megalactic learn the school dance and Megalactic will help Samsam find his superpowers.

At home Mega learns that her father the King has a scientist creating monsters to keep the children as sad as stones. On a field trip the next day, the class learns how to use their powers against space creatures. Samsam tries and, with Mega’s help, he believes he has found his first power.

The problem is, Samsam and the gang quickly discover that Mega is the daughter of King Marchien. Returning home, her father has known all along where she had been going and kidnaps Samsam and Samteddy introducing them to the Gloomyglob monster! His plan is to make them gray and gloomy with one tear.

But nothing beats the power of laughter!

SAMSAM brings an outstanding vocal cast to bring these delightful characters to life. From the young cast of Lobe-Lebel and Chabbat to the nutty royal King himself voiced by Prevost, their vocal talents bring us into the story and take us on a glorious and galactic ride!

Other vocal cast include Sebastien Desjours as Samnounours, Leopold Dorp as Petit Poa, Victore Pauwels as Superjulie, Damien Boisseau as Sampapa, Marie Marechal as Samaman, Philippe Spiteri as Crapouille, Simon Brunner as Sumomo, Francoise Pavy as Mamie Poa, Julien Crampon as Frapulo and Emmylou Homs as Frapula.

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SAMSAM is such a fun film for families to learn so many valuable lessons about friendship and the power of believing in oneself. There is such grace in a family film that helps teach the lessons that some adults seem to forget, like the King. Instead, it is about two friends who find one another not realizing that although they are different, their issues are not so far apart.

I love the color and vibrant storytelling and the children’s antics made my granddaughter giggle a lot. That’s a huge seal of approval for any film when a child watches from beginning to end and even dances when the credits role so who am I to say otherwise.

It is a perfect time for a film such as SAMSAM to come out as families are truly looking for quality entertainment that is fun, has great giggles, fantastic characters and a storyline that is relatable. Our family will be watching this film again and again.

In the end – make space for the next big hero!



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