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As Screamfest continues through the week, more films are chilling audiences and there are quite a few that come from other countries as well as the United States.

EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH comes from Belgium with director Veronique Jasin, Voo, BeTV and Velvet Films. Ines (Jasmina Douieb) works for EcoCleanPro company for over seventeen years and today, intern Melody (Laetitia Mampaka) will be joining her in the office.  

Also in the office are Jean-Paul (Achille Ridolfi), Jean-Pierre (Christophe Bourdon), Nico (Alex Vizorek) and boss Patrick (Peter Van Den Begin) and they make sure it is known that the men dominate this company.

Anna Nilsson (Laurence Bibot) is not on the side of Ines either and that could be a problem too. As Ines learns that she is once again being turned down for a raise while everyone else gets one, she becomes more and more agitated.  The men continue to make cracks about being a woman and Ines is beginning to see red and Melody knows it.

What happens when the bitch-button is finally pushed? Well, mayhem, madness and murder – my three favorite things in a thriller. Douieb as Inez is wonderful play the meek and quite overworked and underpaid employee of the company. However, something is slowly happening to the meek mouse and the office is about to find out how far she will go.

Mampaka as Melody is watching the change of Inez right before her eyes. She is also thoroughly disgusted by the men in the office and wonders why she tolerates it. Once boss Patrick gets his due, Melody finds herself in the middle of it all. Mampaka’s character seems to go with the flow and although a bit disturbed, its not enough to stop helping Inez.

There is nothing like watching someone do what we all kind of think of doing and that’s cleaning the office up – Inez just takes it to the max. It also works out well that she knows everything about the cleaning company which fascinates Melody and cracks me up.

More of the cast include Ingrid Heiderscheidt, Philippe Resimont, Philippe Grand’Henry, Blaise Ludik, Sebastian Moradiellos, Thomas Ancora and beloved fish Jean-Philippe VII.  

THE REVELATION comes from the Netherlands and director Chris W. Mitchell, Tailor-Made Films, NL Film Fonds, Make Way Films and Premiere TV Distributions. It is the story of Jacob (Victor Low), a man who believes that he must move in with his elderly Mother (Leny Breederveld) in order to protect her from the Corona virus that is sweeping the world.

He helps around the house, does some of the shopping and spends time on his computer keeping up to date with what is happening. Wanting to go outside and get some fresh air, Jacob fights her at every turn letting her know that his job is to keep her from becoming infected.

Sister Magda (Monic Hendrickx) facility with senior citizens which sets Jacob on edge making it clear that she is not allowed an in-person visit with their mother. Something is happening to him as well; he begins to change and his mother can see it. When he suspects that his mother is ill, it sets off his madness even more.

The ending is shocking!

Low as Jacob takes us into this world where Corona virus seems to be the outward reason for staying with his mother but there is something so much deeper happening. He gives us the changes in his personality slowly but, at the same time, the madness resonates with those who could not handle the quarantine.

Breederveld as Ma at first goes along with Jacob’s staying with her but as the days go on, she wants her life back. Imagine that? She sees what the quarantine is doing to her son and does not know how to help other than let him have his alone time with the computer and stay out of his way. Breederveld is so sweet and understanding but even as a mom, that can only go so far.

Hendrickx as Magda wants to see her mother and tries to understand her brother’s motives. She also notices the change that is happening in him, especially when she visits.

Finally, from the United States and writer/director Eric Pennycoff, Arrow Video and Doomcroak Pictures is THE LEECH. Father David (Graham Skipper) tries to tend to his very small flock who come to hear his sermons. The one person who sees how hard he is trying is Rigo (Rigo Garay) and they work on music together

After a sermon one evening, Terry (Jeremy Gardner) tries to catch a nap on the pews but is told he really needs to go. The next morning, Father David sees Terry again and offers to help him get to his girl Lexie (Taylor Gardner). Trying to explain that his life is dedicated to God, Terry tries to grasp it.

When Terry cannot find Lexie and has no place else to go, Father David does the Christian thing and offers him a room in his home. It all turns fairly quickly when Terry brings Lexie into the home as well. Father David tries to continue to be kind but things start to get out of hand and his vows are starting to fall to the wayside.

Everything starts to become twisted and the sermon takes on a whole different horrible tone!

Skipper as Father David is straight forward and wants only to be a good person. Trying to help Terry and Lexie becomes more complicated than he could have ever realized. Skipper does a great job at keeping us guessing!

Jeremy G. as Terry has a lifestyle that just does not seem to jibe with the patient Father. He pushes every boundary he can and makes no excuses for who he is. Gardner takes his character and just runs away with no limits except the ones the Father is about to place on him! Taylor G. tries to break away but at the same time falls into everything that boyfriend Terry wants to do – so it’s a matter of who is using who?

Garay as Rigo loves making music and believes that Father David can help him. He believes something is wrong with Terry and Lexie and can’t get him to listen.

Three thrillers that go from Corona virus to being an unappreciated employee to testing the religious limits. There is something for everyone so pick your poison, grab a tub of popcorn and see what trouble looks like from all around the world!



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