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On bluray and DVD from writer/director Allen Wolf from the novel of the same name and Morning Star Pictures is a story of love with THE SOUND OF VIOLET.

Shawn (Cason Thomas) is a young man who works hard at his computer job and just happens to also have autism. His grandmother Ruth (Jan D’Arcy) is constantly pushing him to find a girlfriend and brother Colin (Kaelon Christopher) wants to also help. The thing is, Shawn has an idea of what he is looking for and his family just is not listening.

At a company party, Sean meets Violet (Cora Cleary) and he wants to spend time with her. What he doesn’t realize is that Violet is, for lack of a better word, a ‘working’ girl. Planning a date, he is happy to tell his mother that he has found someone he likes spending time with. Both mother and brother are surprised and interested in the girl.

Violet begins to realize that Shawn is not like any other man but she also sees that he has a lifestyle she would like to become accustomed to. What is stopping her? A man named Anton (Michael E. Bell) who controls everything Violet does – where she goes, who she sees and takes all the money she makes.

Spending time with Shawn, Violet begins to feel like there is a way out and a life that is filled with love. Shawn tells her that he has the ability to hear colors and that just melts her heart. Learning what his life is like, Violet takes in what she can be to Shawn. In the meantime, Mom and brother Colin are just about over Violet knowing that Shawn just does not understand who she truly is.

When the truth comes out, everyone discovers who they are inside. It isn’t just Shawn that needs to rethink beliefs but Shawn himself realizes he must make decision based on his happiness!

Thomas as Shawn is such a delight to watch. It is deep to watch how he relates to people, his boundaries and how they have kept him away from people, the way he perceives the world through words but in all, a huge heart. Thomas slowly comes out of a shell that has been put around him by a protective grandmother and brother and the world becomes a much more complicated place. Thomas navigates us through it and the journey is a lesson for us all.

Cleary as Violet is a young woman that has trauma of her own that she believes no one will understand. She is proven right once Grandma and brother Jake learn who she is and don’t waste any time making sure she isn’t worthy of Shawn. They are judgmental and put Shawn in a tailspin that is sad and unnecessary. Cleary gives us a look into her journey and it is equally complicated and heartbreaking. Clearly gives her character a compassion that is quirky and lovely at the same time.

D’Arcy as Grandma Ruth certainly doesn’t practice what she preaches. Like most church going women of a certain, she has her hard and fast rules on being judgmental and doesn’t waste a moment of time making that clear. It is time to show that an old dog can learn new tricks! Christopher as brother Colin is cut from the same grandma cloth! He thinks he knows what is best for his brother when in fact if he just took a moment to hear Shawn, he would have an idea of what could make his little brother happy.

Bell as Anton is a man who swooped in and brought Violet into a violent and abusive world. Control in everything and everywhere she was, Anton is a vile person who also has no trouble going after Shawn. Bell gives a powerful performance in this role.

Other cast include Nishant Ghan as Flynn, Kaelon Christopher as Colin, Malcolm J. West as Douglas, Esha More as Nadia and Tyler Roy Roberts as Jake.

Morning Star Pictures is an award-winning feature film production company that also produces the popular Navigating Hollywood podcast. The company’s first movie, IN MY SLEEP, launched theatrically as the #1 new independent movie its opening weekend in the US, sold to over 70 countries and garnered multiple awards.

The company’s second movie THE SOUND OF VIOLET was also the #1 new independent movie in theaters on opening weekend and is now available on video on demand, Bluray and DVD. Morning Star Pictures has multiple projects in various stages of development and is dedicated to the production of high-quality, thought-provoking and entertaining movies. For more please visit

The Bluray and DVD Bonus Features include Filmmaker and Cast Discuss the Making of the Film, Composer Shares How He Created the Music, Director’s Commentary with Lead Cast, Theatrical Trailer and Music Video “Anywhere But Here” by 5-Time Grammy Nominee Brandon Heath.

THE SOUND OF VIOLET is the novel set in New York City that has won numerous awards including Best Romantic Comedy Novel of the Year and the Gold Medal from Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards, and Novel of the Year by the Independent Author’s Network.

The film has received accolades by the Austin Film Festival, Cinequest Film Festival, Las Vegas Film Festival, Kairos Screenplay Competition, Colorado Film Festival, Bluecat Screenplay Competition, Script Shark Script Analysis, Final Draft Screenplay Competition, Table Read Screenplay Competition and Scriptapalooza Screenplay Competition.

THE SOUND OF VIOLET is a charming film filled with lessons no matter who we are. It is about love, acceptance, change, believing that we all have worth and knowing there is a future that can be different. Yes, Shawn is autistic but he seems to have a better grasp on life and what happiness can be more so than his own family and Violet herself.

Watching these characters unfold, is a joy as director Wolf wrote the words and then brought his vision to the screen.

In the end – she is his sound of violet!



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