Coming to DVD from SHOUT! FACTORY Kids and director Piet De Rycker is the animated tale of a girl and her horse also known as PRINCESS EMMY.

Once a Princess named Carlotta after an accident, awoke to find she had the ability to talk to horses. Writing it all down in a book, the Princess also gave a warning that what she has written in a book was not to ever leave the castle.

Princess Emmy (Ruby Barnhill) rides her friend Caesar (Joel Fry) and all her horse friends. Laughing and talking together, they play games and enjoy each other’s company. What Princess Emmy doesn’t know is that a parchment written by Princess Carlotta has been taken to the wind. It has found its way back into Emmy’s hands and strange things begin to happen.

A door opens leading her to a chamber where Princess Carlotta announces that she will be put to the test. Putting the parchment back in the book, a map reveals where she needs to go. Brother Moritz (Euan Mitchell) teases and parents are excited about the Princess Day Ball and Emmy loves the dress she will be wearing.

Emmy is excited but also nervous that she must pass another test as if she isn’t busy enough. Running out of the castle, Princess Emmy gathers Caesar and the rest of the horses to follow the map. The path up the mountain brings them to a beautiful spot of waterfalls and a tower that asks her the question, ‘are you worthy of the gift?’.

Cesar reminds Emmy that she must return home and what’s waiting for her there is her cousin Princess Gizana (Bella Ramsey). Clearly the two don’t get along and Princess Emmy talks with friend David (Nathan Mack) that passing any test might be harder than she thought.

Princess Emmy must take care of the precious book without Gizana finding out what is happening, making time for princess training and discovering the secrets of the castle and all while spending time with her four footed friends.

It’s the life of a very special Princess!

Other cast include Vari Sylvester as Marie, James Pearson as Donny, Steven McNicholl as Vincenzo Massimo Cerimonata, Tim McInnerny as Robert Jack as Sebastian April, Michael Daviot as Xaver, Gregorius the Ghost, Al Hawkinson as Paul, Clare Waugh as Fionnuala Bloom, Gabriel Quigley as Frau Zwickelmeier, John Hannah as King Karl and Franka Potente as Queen Karla.

SHOUT! Factory has grown into a tremendous multi-platform media company. Releasing new animated features such as the exquisite Long Way North, and the epic fantasy Beauty And The Beast. Also their own original horror film, Fender Bender gives fans a good scare. For more of what SHOUT Factor has to offer please visit

PRINCESS EMMY is produced by Studio 100 Media (Germany) and co-produced with Talking Horse (UK) and Witebox (Belgium).

PRINCESS EMMY is a delightful story with themes of a young girl discovering what she is truly capable of. Yes, she might be a Princess but she is actually more of a young girl finding her place in her world of horses and family. Of course in the story is also family not getting along so much but they will find their way as family often does.

The film is colorful, fun, full of magic, a little chaos and secrets that waited a long time to find its way to the right person. Watching it with my granddaughter we laughed, were very surprised and loved the way the story was told. That’s what is important to me, being able to watch a film with my family and both of us enjoying it so very much.

In the end – it is all about her secret gift!



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