Do you feel stuck in your body? Wanting to make a change and not having the slightest idea of where to start? Oh yes how many times you have heard… “Oh it’s so easy just exercise and eat right, you’ll be in shape in no time” well as many times as I tell my children to brush and floss after every meal, I still have to remind them, after every meal.

Whether you are looking to lose 5lbs or 50lbs, interested in eating better, weaning yourself off caffeine or simply getting more active in life. Let’s start! RIGHT NOW! HERE’S HOW! My personal 5 step Plan!

Making your starting goals.

STEP ONE: Right now whether you approve or shriek on horror at your current image. Take starting pictures. Front, back, side. Then take your measurements. You can get a simple measuring tape for around $1.00 from any local drug store/craft supplies section at a supermarket. These numbers may not be pretty. Whether you are a size 6 or a 26 you are not content with where you are starting, so it’s clear that you won’t be happy at this point. However it is so necessary. Everyone starts somewhere! You will want and need these to look back on after you crush some goals! (I still have my measurements written on a little pink piece of paper from 2 years and 120+lbs ago!)

STEP TWO: Make a list of realistic short term, mid-way, and long term goals for yourself. WRITE THEM DOWN. Don’t put them in your phone or in an email. Pen to the paper write them down. Where you would like to see yourself in 30 day, 3-6-9 months and 1 year. Your 30 days goals should reflect capable realistic changes such as: Drinking 100+oz of water each day, getting in 30 minutes of exercise 5x a week, having rid your cupboards of trigger foods. Your 3-6 month goals should be making strides on weight loss (xx amount of lbs.), knowing how to eat right, networking for support on your progress, having stellar (next stage) progress photos, and feeling confident in your progress. Your one year goals are the big ones: I want to lose 100lbs! I want to run an 8k! I want to be a role model to my children! Take these goals and hang them up where you will see them every day! Read them, and recreate them every 30 days! Some will change, others will stay on the list, but you will be able to reach more goals if you range them from simple to challenging. Fitness is more than physical it is a mental and emotional journey. Embrace that in your goals. Really dig deep about what has held you back in the past, why you lack motivation, what inspires you to change, WHAT IS YOUR WHY??

STEP THREE: We have to start exercising sometime don’t we? Not everyone is ready for p90x right off the back, I respect that. I would never push you until you are ready to jump. However we, as humans, need physical exercise. Get up get moving. Want to know where I started? Nightly walks after dinner. Finish eating, clean up, and no excuses, lace up those sneakers, all 4 kids in tow! Pick a location and we walked! Yes the average night ended up with me bribing my kids with popsicles but we made it! I didn’t make up any reason why I shouldn’t go. Because as the saying goes “If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got.” Quite frankly I didn’t like my “Got”. So pick your activity and start, start now! Pack up the family for a nightly walk, challenge yourself to a jumping jack marathon or squat challenge each night, consider an at home fitness company like Team BeachBody, or pick up an old friend like a pair of rollerblades. Ultimately just get out there, get moving, at least 30 minutes a day – 5x a week meeting your target heart rate!

STEP FOUR: It’s truly all about the food! Did you know that you can’t out exercise a poor diet? While one meal won’t make you fit, one meal won’t make you fat either! It’s all about small choices adding up over time and leaving you with your current results. Are you now where you thought you would be 2-5 years ago? Let’s edit your kitchen. Make a list of your trigger foods: that beautiful jalapeno cheese bread, those salt chips, and those delectable spicy hot wings. Don’t even mention dessert! Make that list, and say your peace. Kick that C.R.A.P out of the kitchen (carbohydrates, refined sugar, alcohol, processed foods). If you truly want to make a change it starts in the kitchen. Eating is not the enemy, eating high processed junk is. Let’s reload on healthy lean proteins, fresh produce, colorful fruits, salads, healthy fats, nuts, load up on fiber, iron, yummy natural flavors. I know that you and Mr. Avocado might not be friends right now, but one day, hopefully soon, you will learn to love each other!

STEP FIVE: We have reached our last step. Here’s the hard part. Take a step back, upload your pictures, save your measurements, laminate your goals, pick your exercise, and reorganize your fridge…. Take a deep breath….AND BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. Every study, every doctor, every trainer will tell you, you are what you tell yourself you are. Stop the self-doubt, knock off the negativity and give yourself a chance to change! Know that you are stronger and more capable than you ever thought. That you have to make the time to make the change. You are a beautiful, sexy, powerful beast just waiting for your chance. You may feel like a lingering lion in the beginning, but challenge yourself, step out of the comfort zone and you will roar!

I’m here! Message me, we’ll talk food, fitness and fabulous! I’m a strict no judgment zone I genuinely want success for everyone.

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

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