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Coming to DVD from writer/director Hlynur Palmason and Film Movement comes a story of sadness that turns on A WHITE, WHITE DAY.

Ingimundur (Ingvar Sigurdsson) is a policeman struggling with the years. After his wife dies in a car accident, he has become reclusive and has shut down his emotions. Seeing the psychiatrist Georg (Por Tulinius) feels like an effort in futility.

The one person he seems to connect with his granddaughter Salka (Ida Mekkin Hlysdottir) who seems to accept her grandfather as he is. She visits while Ingimundur works on his house doing repairs and rennovations. Having a bit of a housewarming, a box of his wife’s belongings is left behind from a friend.

In a moment alone, Ingimundur opens the box and his life takes another turn. Finding a video of his wife, he also sees a man named Olgeir (Hilmir Snaer Guonason). His emotions already tangled, Ingimundur take a dangerous road to solving a mystery. He becomes so obsessed that he puts his job and loved ones in jeopardy, all to seek answers he thinks will tame whatever lives inside him.

His decisions will either give his life meaning or tear everyone apart!

Sigurdsson as Ingimundur is powerful as a man who keeps his emotions strongly out of reach of others. There is an intense barrier between himself and everybody else and although he has a relationship with Salka and it is close – there is still a small wall between them. The pain he carries has become another layer of skin and the video is a sharp knife slashing open any protection Ingimundur thought he had. That’s what Sigurdsson has done with this character and it is remarkable.

Hlynsdottir as Salka is not only adorable but what an actress! She is clearly had a grasp of the character and the scene where grandpa kind of loses it is stunning, the look on that young girls face was not only believable but crushed me as a grandmother. She knows there is something her grandfather is hiding but isn’t ready for the reality of the adults

Hilmir Snaer Guonason as Olgeir has a part to play in Ingimundur’s life whether he likes it or not. You can not intrude on a person’s life and not expect consequences. Alma Stefania Agustsdottir as Elin is the daughter who is trying to keep her own family together. Haraldur Stefansson as Stefan is the son-in-law who also sees the ravages of what is happening to him.

Sigurour Sifurjonsson as Bjossi, friend and officer who treads carefully around Ingimundur’s and sees that his emotions are putting his job and life in jeopardy. Shout out to Arnmundur Ernst Bjornsson as Hrafn, a fellow officer who is like a sharp pebble in Ingimundur’s shoe.

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The DVD includes the Bonus Short Film SEVEN BOATS directed by Hlynur Palmason is the story while in a desperate fight for his life, a man stranded alone on the sea surrounded by seven boats.

A WHITE, WHITE DAY is a powerful story of grief and how it can turn to something else when everything you believed about the one you love could be wrong? This amazing cast held together by Sigurdsson and Hlynsdottir allows writer/director Palmason to pain on a large canvass of emotion and beauty.

The film is 109 minutes and subtitled from Swedish and that bit of information is information only. What I mean is that it does not affect the emotion the film brings out nor does ‘reading’ the film stop from embracing the story.

In the gray dismal winter and fog of this Swedish town begs for happiness and it can only come for Ingimundur when he accepts, let’s go and embraces those who truly love him.

In the end – how far will grief take a person?



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