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Coming to theatres this Friday and available later on Digital from director James Bamford and Paramount Pictures is the chase with AIR FORCE ONE DOWN.

Agent Allison Miles (Katherine McNamara) is thrilled when her Uncle Sam Waitman (Anthony Michael Hall) brings her into the White House for duty. President Edwards (Ian Bohen) is working on a mission that has global impact and is getting ready to board Air Force One. Gathering the agents together that will be travelling with him, Agent Miles learns she is going on the trip.

What the President doesn’t know is that there is an enemy, Rodinov (Rade Sherbedgia) who wants to stop him from continuing on with his mission. There is a plan already in motion and it is about to do the unthinkable. Boarding the plane, Agent Miles is excited about the trip but keeping her feelings in check and professional.

The plane isn’t off the ground long before chaos erupts with the target being the assassination of the president. Agent Miles isn’t about to let that happen and gets the president out and away from the plane. Now they are in open territory as Rodinov sends him men to capture President Edwards with one goal, stop the mission or suffer the fatal consequences.

Agent Miles isn’t about to let either of those things happen.

McNamara as Miles is a young, eager and grateful Agent who has an uncle looking out for her. Very well versed on what her job is by protecting the president when called on, starting from the bottom-up shoots into high gear quickly. Boarding Air Force One, Miles is clear on the job but never anticipated being called on in chaos. McNamara gives her character a toughness that is equally measured by her escape partner.

Bohen as President Edwards isn’t a leader who is going to stand around doing nothing. When they come after him, along with Agent Miles, they work together to do what is necessary and both know the cost. Bohen is just as strong in character as McNamara which is what makes them a good pair in this film.

Shout out to Hall coming in as Uncle Sam who is looking out for his niece and not just because she is family but because he sees potential. I always enjoy seeing Hall in a film following his career since he was knee high to a pup!

Other cast include Max Kraus as Vlad, Paul s. Tracey as Mark Miller, Pavel Vladimirov as Toma Hasak, Trevor Van Uden as Agent Richards and Dascha Polanco as Vice President Hansen.

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AIR FORCE ONE DOWN joins in the genre of films that take on protecting the leader of the free world. McNamara gets to join the ranks of Butler, Tatum, and Ford in taking down the bad guys who want to tear into democracy. Nothing better than this particular duo working together to let the world know that bad guys don’t win.

The film is action packed from what McNamara’s character is capable of to the danger aboard Air Force One. When McNamara and Bohen get together it is clear that the enemy has plenty to worry about. As the bad guy’s monologue, Agent Miles and President Edwards already know how they will handle it and handle it they do.

It’s time to hit the theatre seats and watch the action on the big screen cheering once again putting the enemy on notice!

In the end – never take on the strong!



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