It will be decided on Tuesday, November 6, 2012

By Bob Zimmerman
Veteran Advocate

The USA is the young adult in this world of Nations. We The People have a fiduciary duty to see that our Federal Government is anchored by the “The Best of The Best Minds” available on the election slate. Today, if our America were a USA Athlete performing in the 2012 Olympic Games we’d be rendered to the sidelines as incompetent, with 0 chance of winning an honorable mention, let alone an Olympic Medal.

When we are sick, we go to the doctor, if we are very sick the doctor will send us to a Specialist, if we want a Prime Filet Mignon Steak, we don’t go to McDonalds, and so life goes in everything we do including choosing our nations Leadership.

We the People are like the Board of Directors of the largest business in this world. These United States of America have been responsible over the past 200 years for growing the civilization the world has embraced. In so doing the spirit of We The People and our American Armed Forces have led the way to free nations from tyrannical rule in two World Wars.

Think of our USA as the largest Small Business Mankind has ever known, this Small Business dawned the Crown of Leadership, as the Leader of the Free World. Such a position had only been known once in World History, and the Sun never set on the British Empire, now the British Commonwealth of Nations, America’s steadfast Allies.

The USA started out as a British Colony of folks seeking to be free to worship God as they pleased. On The Fourth of July 1776 we declared America to be a Free State, from that date on we marched with the Banner of Freedom, The Star Spangled Banner!

One of the best reads of all time is American History. Once newcomers come to experience how powerful the feeling of freedom is to the Heart, Mind, Body, and Soul, they then realize how blessed they are to know what it means to be able to say, ” I’m Proud to be an American”.

Protecting and Defending this Democratic Republic
is a right that We The People must embrace in perpetuity.



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