On Bluray this week from writer/director Ifa Isfansyah and Well Go USA Entertainment comes an amazing story of beauty surrounding “The Golden Cane Warrior.”

The Golden Cane Warrior Cempaka (Christine Hakim) is deciding who she will pass her power and the Golden Cane along to. The four disciples Biru (Reza Rahadian), Angin (Aria Kusumah), Dara (Eva Celia) and Gerhana (Tara Basro) are her choices. Each of them is a child from a defeated enemy.

When Cempaka chooses Dara, but there are two who want the cane for themselves. Wanting to save Dara from Biru and Gerhana, Cempaka fights to the death her own disciples as Angin sweeps up Dara taking her away.

But Biru and Gerhana are not about to give up and while attacking the fleeing disciples, what saves them is Elang (Nicholas Saputra) who gives them shelter. The only way to stop what is coming is for Dara and Angin to find The White Dragon Warrior who can teach Dara the technique of the Golden Cane.

Who is helping Biru and Gerhana? The Red Wing Warrior (Whani Darmawan) not only gives them aid but brings out the anger in Dara when Angin is captured. Realizing he should have helped the two when they needed him, Elang must come to terms with doing what’s right and breaking a family promise made a long time ago.

It is time to bring back honor to the power of the Golden Cane!

This amazing ensemble cast brings an intense story to life. From the moment each character comes onto the screen, the story not only becomes richer and fuller but it brings more mystery that keeps the eye riveted.

That’s what truly is necessary to bring an epic tale like this not just to the big screen but on Bluray to the home big screen. I absolutely love the richness and effects that are just brilliantly done. The action is more than wow – it’s the reason I continue to see as many films from Asia that I can.

Well Go USA Entertainment once again provides the best in action and independent films from the US and around the world. Well Go’s titles can be seen in theatres, digital, subscription and VOD as well as broadcast television. For more of what they have to offer please visit www.wellgousa.com.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “The Golden Cane Warrior” four tubs of popcorn out of five. Once again an amazing film with a story that is filled with twists and turns that I have no intention of talking about. There is something truly amazing about a film that is full of color yet gritty when it needs to be using cinematography and costuming to add an eyeful to an already full popcorn bucket.

In it’s 111 minutes there is so much for martial arts fans to be thrilled about. The Bluray is beautifully packaged and I am proud to add it to my collection of films from Asia. Embrace the story of friendship that never releases the grip of loyalty among those who believe in doing what is right.

Director Isfansyah is also responsible for the films GARUDA di DADAKU and SANG PENARI. He has won four Citra Awards at the Indonesian Film Festival. This includes Best Picture and Best Director which is an amazing feat for this young director. In “The Golden Cane Warrior”, Isfansyah goes full force and every frame is brilliant.

In the end — get ready to unlock the mystery & power of the Golden Cane!



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