By Bob Zimmerman, Veteran Advocate

The Integrity of America is only as strong as the Integrity of Each and Every Citizen!

The USA at 236 years old is the New Kid on the Block of Nations, and it’s growth is attributed to a Rock Solid Free Market Economy…

This morning you looked into the Bathroom Mirror to start your day, did you see an individual who is Proud To Be An American, a responsible, contributing, citizen? Or do you see yourself being more comfortable as a Taker, living off the backs of your fellow American Citizens?

We The People are a sharing, caring nation, this fact is common knowledge, people who are truly in need have numerous charities at the ready to provide aid. If you’re physically and mentally able to provide for your needs and don’t do so, you are your own worst enemy.

If you are the latter in the above question, it is assumed you’re either Physically or Mentally disabled. If that’s the case, don’t be ashamed, you’re an integral part of the American Family, and We The People need to look out for your welfare.

That said, if your a Shifty Hustler living off the National Teat, then shame on you. If you’re able bodied, and willing to accept responsibility for your welfare and that of your family, you will find an honorable way to do so. All Americans are living the nightmare of this, not performing well economy.

It may be that America is a victim of Political Chicanery, the Green Dream seems to be having it’s problems of being fully developed, so noted by the Bankruptcy of such Green Companies as Solyndra a multi-million dollar Taxpayer Nightmare. Solyndra is a fact that highlights the prematurity of being force fed an energy form that won’t be economically feasible for at least until the mid 2030’s.

Green Energy, once fully developed to serve the real and economic needs of We The People, should remain in development until it reaches the ability to economically replace our current and proven forms of producing America’s Energy needs.

Using the Common Sense approach we should go forward with the resources that have proven to work for the past 100 years. “Drill Baby Drill”, for the immediate future could well rescue our fellow Americans from this Economic Nightmare!

Respectfully speaking, our Governments job is to maintain our nations infrastructure and National Security. Yes, for the sake of a cleaner environment we should continue a common sense scientific approach in developing an economically low cost Environmental Green Energy System.

America should forever stand firm on it’s proven record of being a Free Market Economy…

The Worlds Guardian The USA Peace Through Strength

God Bless America

In America We Thank Our Troops Past and Present
‘A country worth defending is a country worth preserving’
Major General Michael Lehnert USMC Retired



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