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Jenise Jacquin, Film Brat

This past weekend military families were treated to a screening of the new film THE LUCKY ONE. Normally this might be considered an average screening except for one slight difference – the entrance of the films cast, director and author of the book THE LUCKY ONE.

It isn’t hard to imagine the reaction of fans upon the arrival of Camp Pendleton’s special guest – especially that of the star Zac Efron himself. Taking time to talk with the press was a fraction of the time he spent with fans signing autographs, taking pictures and chatting with fans. Equally exciting was to see the reaction of fans to author Nicholas Sparks! Brat and I couldn’t decide who was getting more screams – Zac or Nicholas!

Once of the young women we met was Emily, a lovely young lady who was waiting patiently for Zac, Taylor, Scott and Nicholas to sign her poster. With the crowds so excited to be close to one of their favorite actors, the photo of Emily and Zac is one of our favorites.

The other photograph is that of a young girl name Haley Short who waited patiently to get a glimpse of Zac. Mushed in the crowd she held in her hand a handmade scroll through a ring that she wanted him to have. When Zac disappeared inside she was devastated. Lets just say the world swung right when Film Brat jumped in to help. The scroll was delivered and we were able to get an autographed poster for her. Needless to say Dad was thrilled to see his daughter happy!

We like happy endings too as everyone made there way into the theatre to get another opportunity to see Zac, Taylor, Schott and Nicholas one more time. Opening this Friday is THE LUCKY ONE!



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