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Coming to theatres from writer/director Mark Webber and Gravitas Ventures is a touching tale when a boy asks a simple question to create THE PLACE OF NO WORDS.

Three-year-old Bodhi (Bodhi Palmer) deals with the question of ‘where do we go when we die?’ with parents Mark (Mark Webber) and Teresa (Teresa Palmer). In the real world there is something wrong with Dad and Mom tries to share her feelings, but she is not even sure what those are. Trying to find a way to explain to Bodhi about death becomes difficult for both parents.

That is where the creative story comes in as a young boy and his father are on a boat in the ocean looking for Freeka. Once on land they watch the sunset as their journey really beings. They climb higher and higher preparing to defend themselves from anything that comes across their path.

In the fantasy, a winged fairy takes father and son to The Forest where they listen to the story of the Grumblers with all the other fairies. When the times comes, each of the fairies wish the warriors well on their continued journey filled with unexpected finds. The boy soon discovers that he has a bit of magic within him and the witch of the forest knows it too. In reality, Mark is getting sicker and sicker with Bodhi not wanting to believe that his father is ill at all.

Trying to get home, they meet the vicious Grumblers who are not quite so vicious after all! All of this to allow Bodhi to find Freeka, which is something he always had from the very beginning.

Other cast include Anna Schafer, Phoebe Tonkin, Sarah Wright, Nicole Berger and Eric Olsen.

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THE PLACE OF NO WORDS is a journey of a boy and his father filled with questions, deep thought, beauty and the relationship between the two.  In both worlds they are warriors and in both worlds, they love one another.

The reality is harsh as the parents try and find a way to explain death while not letting it overpower the time that they have together. It is clear that Bodhi’s father is conflicted, and it is at time so emotional to watch (as I’m sure any parent would react) yet it is his young son that keeps him in the present moments.

The haunting beauty comes from the adventure that the ‘Viking’ father and son have on their epic journey to find Freeka. Along the way they meet fairies, Grumbles, see magic, colorful forests, a different kind of swamp and so much more. It is such an extraordinary story and told in a way that is unique, thought provoking, heart wrenching and yet stunningly beautiful.

The director has kept things simple with the cinematography which allowed me, at least, to focus on the story and not get mired down by anything else. You could almost say Webber went right for the heart strings and played us like Itzhak Perlman for ninety-five minutes. I did not mind in the slightest and neither will anyone else.

In the end – one world cannot exist without the other.



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