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Coming to theatres for a One-Night-Only event from writer/director Peter “Drago” Tiemann and Cinedigm is the mystery about THE STAIRS.

Kate Martin (Trin Miller) and son Jesse (Thomas Wethington) are on the road deep in the forest to visit grandparents Bernice (Kathleen Quinlan) and Gene (John Schneider). Right away Jesse and Grandpa Gene load up in his truck and are off to hunt in the woods.

Teaching Jesse the responsibilities of hunting, they two also enjoy their time together. Tracking a deer, Jesse gets sidetracked by something moving in the bushes. He follows it without Gene realizing the boy was gone. The further Jesse walks away, he comes upon a staircase where there should not be a staircase.

Gene realizes the boy is gone and now terror is upon them both. Years later, a group decides to go camping in the woods. Josh (Brent Bailey), Rebeccah (Stacey Oristano), Nick (Adam Korson), Dough (Josh Crotty) and Jordon (Tyra Colar) begin to follow paths going deeper into the woods.

The group comes across something heinous to see and realize that they need to get out of the woods. The problem is that with every step they take, it leads them to the same staircase that Jesse and Gene went missing years before. Not sensing the danger right away, that all changes when a voice from under the stairs calls to them.

Now the past and present are about to collide with something that wants only one thing – anyone that comes close to The Stairs!

The cast of Bailey, Oristano, Korson, Crotty and Colar work together to try and get out of the woods. They do what all friends in a hiking situation do, talk about life, argue here and there and scream when things get bloody. What keeps my attention in this film is that the group keeps everything tight knit even when things are going totally insane.

Shout out to young Wethington for being the sanest kid I’ve ever met under continual pressure! I think the adults could have taken a few lessons from him but then again, he has been missing for a while. Schneider gets to be a cool grandpa who truly enjoys his grandsons’ company and spending time in the outdoors. Quinlan as Grandma Bernice cares so much for her family so when tragedy strikes, she only has Miller as daughter Kate.

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THE STAIRS won the December Award from the European Cinematography Awards, winner of Best Feature Film and Best Film from the Haunted House FearFest, winner of Best Feature from the Horror Hotel, Festival Award Winner from the Horrorhound Film Festival, and so many more.

There are twists and turns to the film and a mystery wrapped up in the bloody center. Nope, I’m not going to give anything away because I LOVED the plot twist and even yelled that out during the film. Of course, now I have to make sure there is nothing blocking my staircase so I can see straight through it!

Having the film outdoors is something else I enjoyed because, and let’s face it, the possibilities are endless in the wide open. THE STAIRS has the old-time horror movie feel and I will take that over a gore-fest film. I want to be scared of what is behind the tree, I want to freak out and have things bring huge question marks over my head while I calm the terror and become a horror detective.

THE STAIRS is an absolute freaky fun time and a nice distraction from the real horror of the world but, that being said, finding a staircase in the woods is ALWAYS going to stick in my head. Dang it, we have a family camping trip next weekend!

Fathom Events and Cinedigm will screen The Stairs in movie theaters nationwide on Thursday, August 12 at 7:00 p.m. local time. For a complete list of theater locations, visit

In the end – the fight for survival begins!



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