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Currently streaming on Apple TV+ and director Miguel Sapochnik is the story of a world, surviving the destruction and a man named FINCH.

Ten years in and Finch Weinberg (Tom Hanks), and dog Goodyear, are living in a world that has been destroyed by a solar flare. Temperatures have turned the Earth into a hot box making it extremely hazardous for human beings. He cannot even go outside without a suit and a warning system that lets him know when radiation becomes too much for him to be outside.

Out looking for food with robot Dewey, he is also looking for parts for another project he has set in motion. Creating a robot, Finch also takes books scanning them into a program for his robot with an emphasis on training and taking care of a dog.

Once his robot comes to life, Finch begins to teach him what he thinks will help when his creation discovers that a dangerous storm is approaching. It also tells Finch that the storm will last forty days. He gathers up everything in a Winnebago, along with Goodyear, Dewey and they head for a place on a post card – San Francisco.

Along the way, Finch tries to teach the newly named robot Jeff (Caleb Landry Jones) about how to survive in a world where there is very little trust. Trying to explain things to Jeff can be taxing at times. Jeff tries to take initiative and it gets them into situations that are difficult and with heavy consequence3s.

But the journey is everything!

Hanks as Finch is, well, just a national treasure and cannot do a wrong roll if he tried. The film does have a bit of a WALLY and THE MARTIAN (except Finch is still on Earth) and I personally love both of those films so there’s that! Hanks gives us compassion, frustration, love and teaching moments as he always seems to do. He is a man on a mission, but it is one of love that comes through.

Jones as the voice of Jeff is so sweet and innocent that my heart just melted. Even when he does his happy dance of “initiative” I cheered with him. The lessons Jeff has to learn are harsh at times but in order to survive it is understandable that Finch pushes so hard. He wants something special for Jeff and it has to happen under such intense circumstances. Jones does a wonderful job lending his voice.

Shout out to Goodyear, good puppy and good friend who has to learn the same as Finch and Jeff – that trust can be hard to come by but give it time.

Other cast include: Oscar Avila as the Truck Driver, Lora Martinez-Cunningham as Mother, Maria Wagernman as the Daughter.

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FINCH is a tender and harsh film all rolled into the performances of Hanks and Jones. It is a world of survival and the day-to-day danger of food, water and a safe place to be. Hanks’ performance as Finch is just so beautiful to watch, his tenderness with Dewey and Jeff are there from beginning to end (even if there are moments Jeff pushes his nerves).

Filmed in the harshest environments imaginable, director Sapochnik gives us a heavy dose of what our world could look like under those circumstances. Having Hanks and Jones on the creative journey with him allows us to embrace the story, the set and the characters as they take us on their adventure.

In the end – their friendship was more real than they could have imagined!



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