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Coming to Bluray, DVD and Digital from writer/director Sarah Polley, Orion Pictures and Universal Pictures Home Entertainment is the film based on the novel inspired by true events by Miriam Toews with WOMEN TALKING.

In a religious and secluded community, a group of women have gathered together to discuss a ultimatum given to them by the men of the community. After men are arrested for assaulting a the female, Ona (Rooney Mara), Mariche (Jessie Buckley), Salome (Claire Foy), Agata (Judith Ivey), Mejal (Michelle McLeod), Greta (Sheila McCarthy), Anna (Kira Guloien) and their children meet in a barn to decide if they will forgive the men accused.

Almost immediately the truth begins to come to the surface in the secret of the gathering. Taking notes is August (Ben Whishaw) and is moved hearing the plight of the women. Making a list of pros and cons of their decision, the conversation begins to turn between two groups – the angry and the calm.

Trying to keep the conversation focused on their final decision, emotions begin to surface on the treatment of women by the men of their religious community. Wanting to keep their faith, both groups are frightened that either decision will affect entering the kingdom of God.

Then the issue of their children begins to hit home. What is happening is becoming generational and that’s where the women begin to draw the line. Between protecting their daughters and educating their sons, the anger makes its way to the surface but also makes way for a decision based on the discovery of their own power as human beings.

Normally I would talk about each of these actresses separately but, in this case there is no way to do so. Each brings something unique to the table to be sure but, that uniqueness spreads throughout the hay barn and I can not pick out one stand out performance.

From the youngest woman to the elder women of this story’s community, these actresses give us the tale in the most amazing and humblest of ways. They each tell of the generational agony they have suffered at the hands of those who should be protecting them. The character of August is the only male to have a moment to speak in the barn but begins to understand the agony faced by each of them.

So, I will step aside and let them shine together in this cast that is exceptional and thought provoking. See and experience for yourself.

Other cast include Emily Mitchell as Miep, Kate Hallett as Autje, Live McNeil as Neitje, Shayla Brown as Helena, Locklan Miller as Julius, Nathaniel McParland as Aaron, August Winter as Melvin and Frances McDormand as Scarface Janz.

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WOMEN TALKING has been nominated for two Academy Awards for Best Pictures and Adapted Screenplay in this years Oscars.

This film is phenomenal! Stripping away everything down to a barn of hay and decisions, this cast of women carry every human emotion. Even the actors are down to the plainest of clothing and, what looks like, hardly any makeup. What we are left is to witness a struggle between faith and the rest of a closed in world of right and wrong.

With so many films being remade, redone or re-shoved down theatrical throats, I was personally stunned by this film in its originality and thoughtfulness. These actors brought out so much that I talked about it with a friend for a very long time over tea and debate. That is what a substantial story should do, make us all walk away with the first thought of ‘what did I just see!’ and secondly telling a friend ‘you have to see this!’.

In the end – do nothing, stay and fight or leave!



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