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Coming to theatres this week and soon to Digital from writer/director Harry MacQueen and Bleeker Street comes a story of love when knowing we are all part of a SUPERNOVA.

Pianist Sam (Colin Firth) and writer Tusker (Stanley Tucci) have decided to take a road trip and visit some of the people and places that they have shared. In an RV and driving on narrow roads on left side, they take loving jabs at one another until they reach one of their beautiful destinations.

Going from a beautiful lake to Sam’s sister Lilly’s (Pippa Haywood) home, they spend time with family and friends talking about what Tusker is writing and when Sam will play next. Later in the evening, Sam discovers something about his partner that he did not know before and isn’t sure how to deal with it.

Listening to Tusker and Charlotte (Nina Marlin) together in the evening air, it is clear that he is a loving person who sees the beauty in each and every star. On their way to the next destination, it is clear there is tension between the two. Once arriving, Sam must decide how to handle what he knows understanding that Tusker’s illness may make that difficult.

Firth as Sam is the music half of this relationship and is getting back into that world by preparing to play a small intimate concert. Taking the road trip with Tusker is an amazing way to revisit a few of the memorable places that mean something to them both. Firth is snappy in wit, lovely in affection and gives a beautiful performance mired in a deep sadness. This lovely actor has always had a soft spot in my heart and in SUPERNOVA, he proves why that is.

Tucci as Tusker is the writer half of the relationship and he has a lot to say. The problem is that he is having a difficult time saying it with pen to paper. Tucci matches wits with the character of Sam but then again, he has clearly made a career out of it and excelling consistently. Tucci in this role gives us a man dealing with knowing his life is slipping away and trying to accept that reality for both himself and Sam. Tucci is also an actor that I adore because he makes his roles look effortless whether it be a comedy or a drama.

Other cast include Peter MacQueen as Clive, Ian Drysdale as Paul, Sarah Woodward as Sue, James Dreyfus as Tim, Lori Campbell as Lola, Daneka Etchells as Rachel and Truffles as fur-baby as Ruby.

Bleeker Street is a New York City film company that has brought outstanding films to the public. Their library includes TRUMBO, DENIAL, THE LOST CITY OF Z, BEIRUT, HOTEL MUMBAI, ORDINARY LOVE and THE ROADS NOT TAKEN. For more information on the titles from Bleeker Street please visit

SUPERNOVA is a film of love, relationships, secrets, and grief wrapped up in two men who have made a life for themselves. From the first scene it is clear that Firth and Tucci bring their characters in with such believability that it felt like being a third wheel in the RV. I wanted to hear their story and more about the life they have shared together.

That is what makes this film so totally stunning, the beauty of their trip, the reality that even love can not stop what is coming for them and the acceptance of what is to come. Firth and Tucci allows us to share in all of that in such a way that the final scene just brings tears.

Writer/director MacQueen gives us everything in its simplest form allowing us to not be distracted by anything else but the relationship between Sam and Tusker. Even their surroundings from the RV to the countryside is cinematic to be sure and reminds us the world can be so lovely, as lovely as Sam and Tusker.

In the end – in this life never forget who you love and why.



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