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Currently On Demand and coming to Bluray/DVD from director Johnny Martin and Lionsgate is the worst case scenario when zombies are outside your door and you are ALONE.

Aidan (Tyler Posey) has just stumbled out of bed and made his way to the television. Still a bit sleepy it takes him a moment to realize what he is seeing on television. News people are reporting something strange happening in the city. Aidan goes out to the patio and sees people running and then – attacking – and eating their prey.

Getting back in his apartment he is confronted by a neighbor who does not look to well. Getting him out is the easy part, what waits in the hallway is pure hell. Trying to reach his family is also the truth is he is very alone. The days go by slowly and painfully with the realization that food and water are going to be depleted.

One day, looking out the window across the courtyard he thinks he sees someone. Wondering if he is delusional, he looks again the next day and sees Eva (Summer Spiro). Thrilled to have someone else to talk to, it starts out with paper and pen. Now, Adian has someone else to care for instead of worrying only for himself.

On a mission to find more food and water, Aidan runs into Edward (Donald Sutherland), an elderly gentleman who has also found a way to survive so far. They have a nice conversation about what they are doing to make it through. That is when Aidan discovers that Edward will do just about anything.

Aidan and Eva are getting good at surviving!

Posey as Aidan is a young man who seems to be living the “me” life. Surfing, girls and family is his main focus until all that no longer matters. He has plenty of time now to think about what is important to him. Discovering Eva gives him a purpose, to care for someone other than himself and Aidan is taking it seriously. Posey gives us a look at the solitude of surviving physically and mentally because I personally would not be running in the streets either. I truly enjoyed his performance seeing one person’s perspective.

Spiro as Eva is a young woman who has also managed to survive. Staying quiet so as not to alert the very unusual flesh eaters outside her door, she is also thrilled at being able to talk to Aidan. Eva instantly connects with him and kicks into a mode of being protective when she cannot reach him. Spiro is sweet and gets a chance to put her ninja-like skills into action avoiding her unruly and teeth gnashing neighbors.

Ah, lets talking about the one and only Donald Sutherland as Edward. Of course, he is a kind, gentle and sharing gentlemen with Aidan. Having a chance to talk with someone about what has been happening is also a plus. Sutherland never settles for being just a regular guy, there is always something very special about the roles he chooses and in ALONE, he chose to prove me with a jaw drop. I love that guy pure and simple!

A shout out to all the actors and actresses that jumped in and gave us a look at a zombie that has some semblance of what they are doing yet do it very well. Reminds me of payday Fridays at the local In N’ Out Burger – a raging group of desperate human beings wanting nothing more than to sink their teeth into a juicy piece of meat! Well done one and all.

Lets give credit to Robert Ri’chard as poor neighbor Brandon, John Posey as Aidan’s Dad, Josey Martin as Vanessa, Jenny Martin as Kat, Brooke Swallow as Jessica, Kjerstin Bell as the News Anchor, Eric Etebari as Jack Brian, Debbie Swallow as Aidan’s Mom and Greg Fitzpatrick as Field Reporter Josh Harp as the amazing TALL SCREAMER (gawd he creeped me out).

Lionsgate is a global leader in motion picture production and distribution for theatres, television, home entertainment and more. Theatre franchises include THE HUNGER GAMES, and DIVERGENT along with JOHN WICK. Now, adding this film to its 16,000-motion picture and television titles you can see everything coming soon as well as available now at

ALONE is a look at what happens when you are caught inside without warning! What is pretty cool about this film is that Aidan is believable. By that I mean we would all check our food, check our phones, watch television, get on the computer and when that is all taken away – we are forced to contemplate the basic physical and emotional trauma.

Let us talk about these gnarly group of crazy biters – they speak! One must wonder why they chose to say the things they did. I tend to think it was the last thought they had before the virus overtook them. They are fast but not lightening fast, they are a bit clever as you will see and that makes these zombies a tad more frightening.

In the middle of a pandemic and some of us being inside a lot, ALONE will give you pause and think about investing in plexiglass windows. So, cuddle up buttercup with your favorite pandemic-pal and popcorn up to ALONE.

In the end – find your survival space!



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