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Coming from directors Chris Cullari, Jennifer Raite, Saban Films and Paramount Pictures is the story of escaping a nightmare created in THE AVIARY.

Running across the New Mexico desert is Jillian (Malin Akerman) and Blair (Lorenza Izzo) who are escaping from a cult known as Skylight. Leader Seth (Chris Messina) has brought fear to the women as they try and navigate with a map taken from their home.

There are problems almost immediately as they try to navigate as it appears they are going in circles. With minimal food and water, Blair twisting her ankle slows them down even more. Jillian sets up a place for Blair to rest while she heads up a hill to get a better look. Almost immediately she sees something that does not make any sense.

What Jillian does not know is that Blair also sees something that does not make any sense. This is where the tension between the two women begin. They start talking about Seth and what he is capable of and their worry for friend Delilah (Sandrine Holt). More importantly, both women have secrets that they are keeping from one another.

As they walk goes on, so does the frightening visions each of the women are having which makes them not want to trust one another. As if a miracle, they discover a camper with food and water. Jillian discovers there is power in the camper and hooks up a computer taken from Seth when they escaped.

What she discovers changes everything!

Ackerman as Jillian is straight forward and the stronger of the two women. She is consistently propping up Blair trying to get her as far away from Seth as possible. Akerman’s character is put to the test physically and emotionally trying to decern between the reason she left and what keeps trying to pull her back. That being said, Ackerman gives us a strong performance.

Izzo as Blair wants to get away from Seth for more reasons than just the way Seth treats people at Skylight. It is interesting that this character does not hesitate to call out Jillian’s imperfections or reasons for leaving the group but hides what she knows and what she has seen. Izzo gives us a complex character until the complexities are made known.   

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THE AVIARY is a look into how these two women were each affected by a society created and led by a cult leader. Each of the women had different experiences and through their conversations tried to explain why they were even at Skylight in the first place. Blame is thrown out and secrets slowly begin to creep out.

The results are surprising, and the ending is shocking.

In the end – believing is deceiving!



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