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Coming to theatres and to other platforms from director Josh Ruben and IFC Films is a story of a small town and a WEREWOLF WITHIN.

Finn Wheeler (Sam Richardson) has arrived in small town Beaverton as the new Forest Ranger. He is greeted by townsfolk and learns their story whether he wants to or not. Happy to provide further information is Cecily Moore (Milana Vayntrub), the postal woman who takes to Finn rather quickly.

Staying at the local hotel owned by Jeanine (Catherine Curtin), Finn learns that her husband left her for another woman in a warmer place. She is also dealing with Sam Parker (Wayne Duvall) who wants everyone to sell their land rights to him so he can continue with his pipeline. That is a lot for a newcomer to take in, but Finn goes along with the flow.

What he does not expect, nor does anyone in the town, is that attacks begin to happen. They seek out Emerson Flint (Glenn Fleshler) to help track whatever it is. Then they turn to Dr. Ellis (Rebecca Henderson) for answers, it is decided that with a huge storm getting ready to set itself down in Beaverton everyone will stay at Jeanine’s hotel where it will be safe. Well, it seems that perhaps no where is safe as long as whatever is on the loose manages to evade them.

It is hard to fight what you can not see in the dark!

Richardson as Finn is the calm and collected man in the middle of the strange and unusual town of Beaverton. Taking it all in while dealing with his own love life, Richardson gives his character a naivete that is charming and when things get tough, he might be freaked out by the new towns happenings, but Finn is the first one in the mix.

Vayntrub as Cecily gets an opportunity to shed her AT&T image and jump into the film as a postal carrier who knows everybody’s business. She is smart, funny and seems to be attracted to Finn. When the craziness begins, Vayntrub’s Cecily is right with Finn the entire time trying to solve the towns mystery.

Curtin as Jeanine as runs the local hotel but still has issues understanding why her husband decided to leave her. The hotel is the center of town and now with a mystery happening, it is a place to hide. Duvall as Sam makes his way through those who live in Beaverton trying to convince them to sell and even become abrasive towards those who will not.

Henderson as Dr. Ellis is trying to discover the secrets behind the mystery of what is happening to the towns people. Finn and Cecily look to her for answers, but they are slow in coming and might be too late. Fleshler as Flint may not know about Mr. Rogers but he does begin to understand what it means to be a good neighbor.

Other cast include Pete Anderton, George Basil as Marcus, Harvey Guillen as Joaquim Wolfson, Cheyenne Jackson as Devon Wolfson, Michaela Watkins as Trisha Anderton, Glenn Flesherler as Emerson, Patrick Walsh as Dave Sherman, Anni Krueger as Charlotte and Ritz as Cha-Chi.

IFC Films is a leading distributor of quality talent-driven independent films. Some of the company’s successes include BOYHOOD, FRANCES HA, MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING, Y TU MAMA TAMBIEN, TOUCHING THE VOID, CHE, TINY FURNITURE and CARLOS. For more information on films from IFC please visit

WEREWOLF WITHIN is a funny, fun, fantastically acted with a cast that takes this horror and gives it a lining of comedy. Based on a video game of the same name, I am hoping to get my hands on it to play for a bit of fun myself.

The cast is so well put together, and each has a part to play, and plays is it extremely well. It is a who-done-it from start to finish and I must admit to enjoying that aspect of the film. The music adds an awesome touch as I enjoy films that have tunes to reminisce too.

There is something fun when a mix of horror, comedy and music come together in such a way that it all looks easy and flows well. So much so that WEREWOLF WITHIN is worth seeing again and enjoying with friends because there is nothing better than a lights-out movie night for horror and laughs.

In the end – it is a whodunnit with teeth!



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