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Coming to theatres and VOD from director K. Asher Levin, Lionsgate and Saban Films comes the intensity of the DIG.

Scott Brennan (Thomas Jane) is upset that daughter Jane (Harlow Jane) has to be tracked down. Along with his wife, they discover the girl is in a local bar. Scott is not happy, and his anger is on the edge, and it leads to devastation for the Brennan family.   

Years have passed and Scott is trying to reconnect with deaf daughter Jane, but she is experiencing anger toward her father. Back to his auto repair shop, he meets Victor (Emile Hirsh), a man with a job for him to do for extra cash. At first Scott is not interested but knows the money will help Jane.

Victor tells him to strip down a house that is being taken over for a new housing project. Heading out to the middle of nowhere, the work begins. What Scott and company do not know is that Victor and girlfriend Lola (Liana Liberato) are looking for something very specific. Scott is surprised when they two show up and mayhem begins.

Now Scott must do whatever he can to protect Jane from the gun toting Lola as he pieces together who Victor truly is and what it is he is digging for.

Jane as Brennan is a father who is trying to make up for the tragedy that effected his daughter so dearly. Taking the extra job is a way to get her something she really needs to show that not only is he sorry but wants the best for her. Jane gives us all of that in his character and his role does not physically look like an easy one. Yet, Jane is going to do what Jane does best, take a dangerous situation and keep it moving.

Harlow as Jane is a daughter who has every right to be upset with her father but adds a bit of teen attitude along with it. Going along with her father, things turn into a world she could never have imagined. Harlow portrays all of that rage and fear in her character until she comes to terms with everything that has kept her in a dark place. Well done young lady, well done!

Hirsh as Victor is, how should I put this, dangerously charming? He comes off with charm and a bit of twisted humor but that can turn on a dime. He has no issue with throwing his gun around but even then, he tries to be charming about it at the same time. Just a bit of twistedness to this character with dangerous undertones.

Liberato as Lola is just out and out a psychopath. She has no issue with shooting someone and actually gets upset when she does not get to. Messing with Jane’s mind while holding a gun to her head, she does not break a sweat. Her conscience is clear on everything that she and Victor are doing and won’t apologize for any of it. Wicked, wicked lady!

Shout out to Makana David as Tommy. Trust when I say he is the nicest young man and I wish him so much success!

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DIG has twists and turns yet there are moments of predictability which I do not mind in the slightest. Jane comes on strong as a man who wants to protect his family, one event works, and one does not, and both call for him to keep his head. Harlow Jane’s character puts father Scott through the emotional paces and proves the acting apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

Hirsch and Liberato together are remarkable and dangerous in their roles, and I loved it. They are on equal ground criminally but in such different ways that work beautifully. Charming insanity works as these two actors make it clear through their characters that they are not here to play – they are here to slay.

Grab the popcorn and watch the story unravel with each shovel full of dirt!

In the end – getting out is the deadly part!



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