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Coming to Bluray and DVD from director S.K. Dale and Screen Media Film comes a story of love and the choices made that leads TILL DEATH.

Emma (Megan Fox) has made a difficult decision and ended a relationship with Tom (Ami Ameen). She did so because her anniversary to husband Mark (Eoin Macken) is a chance for her to make things right again. Gifted with memories, jewelry and a night together, it is all about to change again.

Waking up to a nightmare, Emma tries to survive a gruesome set up. Tom tries to help but it is fear from her past that comes knocking on the secluded lake front door. Bobby Ray (Callan Mulvey) and Jimmy (Jack Roth) want what is inside the house and no one is going to get in their way.

Emma could never have imagined this!

Fox as Emma plays a woman who has made choices based on fear and emotion, but survival tops all those in one fell swoop. This character is about to unravel everything she thought about her life and Fox does quite the job making it happen. She gets her hands dirty from start to finish and it looks good on her.

Mulvey as Bobby Ray is ruthless, unforgiving, challenging, evil and does not know when to stop. He is carrying a grudge, a gun and no conscience which makes this character goal oriented and ruthless. Mulvey gives it his all and it plays out beautifully.

Roth as Jimmy is Bobby Ray’s cohort and partner in crime. The problem is that Jimmy hasn’t been given all the details and that causes a problem with their venture. It is hard to be a criminal with a conscience.

Macken as Mark may have a small role, but it certainly sets up the story that is to follow. This actor proves you do not have to totally participate in a film to be all about the film. Ameen as Tom is another character that is an integral part of the story that also has to play out.

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TILL DEATH is a cat and mouse game that carries with it the twists and turns that kept me interested. I’ll be honest in saying that Fox really puts her back into playing Emma and is not a woman who is going to give up easy. Carrying a film as the only female character is difficult enough but Fox chose wisely in this case.

There are twists, turns, surprises (for both the viewer and the characters) and enough ‘wtf’s to go around. Keeping the film in one location also gives a bit of uncomfortable claustrophobia which I am totally cool with. It allows us to absolutely dedicate our viewing taking away outside distractions.

Keeping this review vague means that this is a film that needs to be experienced and giving away too much of the plot would definetly spoil it. It’s the situation where you cannot talk about one plot point without giving away the chain of events and although that might be cool with some – it is not how I roll. Each plot point is worthy to have its moment with secrets and manipulations ruling frame after frame.

Fox deserves kudos for this role. Huge fan or not, she is all about the survival of Emma and you cannot turn away from that. Once panic subsides, Fox gives her character the right amount of anger to push her toward smart survival. What I found really cool about TILL DEATH is that I found myself yelling at the screen with questions and warnings. That made the film even more fun!

In the end – survival is the best revenge!



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